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James Heiting Recognized as a Distinguished Lawyer by Expert Network

By Heiting & Irwin |

Attorney James Heiting of Riverside, California was recently recognized by Expert Network as a Distinguished Lawyer™ based on the reviews, ratings and accomplishments he has achieved. Membership into Expert Network cannot merely be purchased, members must be nominated and then pass a multi-stage selection process ending with an interview.  With over 40 years of… Read More »

Hoverboard Recalls

By Heiting & Irwin |

Several months back, I wrote an initial blog discussing various aspects of “hoverboard liability.” These products/devices are now becoming the proverbial “accident waiting to happen.” There have been multiple incidents of the lithium battery packs (used to power the device), over-heating, smoking, catching fire and/or exploding, causing serious injury(s) to the user. There is… Read More »

Can Stress Lead to a Car Accident?

By Heiting & Irwin |

In 2013, 424,000 people were injured and 3,154 people died in vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers. It is estimated that almost 660,000 drivers are using electronic devices or cell phones at any given time on our country’s highways, interstates, and roads. When you take your eyes off the road to send or read… Read More »

Injured, but told to Return to Work

By Heiting & Irwin |

Many times during our practice we encounter a situation where the injured worker believes that they cannot return to work, but their treating physician had releases them to return to work. Typically, in such situations, the physician has returned them to work in a “modified duty” capacity – meaning that they have been provided… Read More »

Workers’ Compensation “No-Fault” System

By Heiting & Irwin |

Did you know that even if you are injured on the job and that injury is partially your fault or even totally your fault you are, in many (even most), circumstances entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can include monies paid to you at two-third’s of your average weekly wage while you are… Read More »

Elder Abuse Defined/Constrained

By Heiting & Irwin |

In the recent case, Winn v. Pioneer Medical Group, Inc. (May 19, 2016, No. S211793) 2016 Cal. LEXIS 3432, the Supreme Court of California has defined boundaries for Elder Abuse claims. Ms. Cox, an elderly patient, sought treatment for painful vascular symptoms in her feet and legs. In January and February 2007, Mrs. Cox’s… Read More »

New expansion of MICRA

By Heiting & Irwin |

I’ve written before about the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA). A law introduced in the 1970s which, among other things, capped the general damages (pain and suffering) for medical malpractice cases at $250,000.00. It also shortened the amount of time you have to bring against a medical provider from the standard 2 years… Read More »

Tips to Avoid Making An Accident Worse

By Heiting & Irwin |

We cannot control what other drivers do on the road. Another driver’s thoughtless or careless act can change our lives forever in a matter of seconds. It is frustrating and frightening to think that our lives and the lives of our loved ones could be in the hands of a distracted, drunk, speeding, or… Read More »


By Heiting & Irwin |

When dealing with a facial dog bite case, there are a few factors that can be quite important in the overall outcome of the case, separate and apart from establishing liability (responsibility, negligence, carelessness, etc.) of the dog owner. It is very important to have photographs taken at various stages of the dog bite… Read More »


By Heiting & Irwin |

In certain serious Workers’ Compensation cases, it is possible to have family members (usually the injured worker’s spouse) paid to take care of the injured worker. Typically this requires a physician to recommend some form of nursing care and/or Home Health care. If it is determined that the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier will or… Read More »

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