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Suing the Good Samaritan: When Good Intentions Cause Serious Harm

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

California and many other states have enacted so-called “Good Samaritan” laws (named after the biblical story of the good Samaritan). These laws were all enacted with a noble purpose: To encourage individuals to come to the aid of their fellow citizen in distress. These laws act to provide legal protection from suit for a… Read More »

Injured Workers may qualify for additional Funds through the Return-to Work Supplement Program (RTWSP)

By Debbie Beals, Paralegal |

As part of  Worker’s Compensation Reform, Senate Bill 863 developed a Return to Work Fund with 120 million dollars per year to be administered by the Department of Industrial Relations. The program established through the Department of Industrial Relations is aptly named   Return-to-Work Supplemental Program (RTWSP). The RTWSP requires the Department of Industrial Department’s Director… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

According to a recent study by the Associated Press, workplace death rates are higher for older workers than those below the age of 55. Even though there was a 22% decrease in the fatality rate for all workers from 2006 to 2015, workers 55 and older experienced fatal accidents 50 to 60 percent more… Read More »

Getting Ready for Your Birds to Leave the Nest: A Pre-College “To Do” List

By James Heiting |

If your son or daughter just graduated from high school in 2017, chances are you are busy preparing for the date on which you will take him or her to college. You may have already engaged in considerable pre-planning: You may have visited the college on multiple occasions and toured the campus and dormitories;… Read More »

Default Judgments: What are They and How Common are They?

By Dennis Stout |

There is more than one way to prevail in your California personal injury lawsuit. Of course, you will prevail and be awarded monetary damages if your case proceeds to trial before a judge and/or jury and the factfinder determines that the defendant(s) in your case were, in fact, at fault in causing damages in… Read More »

Can You Get a New Personal Injury Trial Based on New Evidence?

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Consider the following situation: You and your loved one are traveling in a car when another driver slams into you. You and your loved one are injured and receive medical treatment from the local emergency room. You both incur medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses and as a result, you and your loved… Read More »

Escaping from a Mandatory Arbitration Clause

By James Heiting |

  Businesses like arbitration clauses. Whenever a business contracts with a customer (and especially when the business’s legal exposure is potentially high), chances are the business’s contract includes a provision requiring the customer to submit any claims or disputes it may have with the business to arbitration. In some cases, this arbitration is characterized… Read More »

Police Fault Tennis Star in Fatal Crash; Wrongful Death Suit May be Next

By Richard Irwin |

Famous tennis star Venus Williams was allegedly declared to be at fault in a Florida car wreck that took the life of an elderly man. Now the family is bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against Ms. Williams and seeking compensation for their losses. Had this wreck occurred in California, the ending of the story… Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Settle Your Medical Malpractice Claim Before You Call a Lawyer

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

I’ve written numerous times about how the medical malpractice laws in California are greatly stacked against plaintiffs – short statute of limitations, $250,000 general damages cap, and cases such as Flores v. Presbyterian Hospital where a defective hospital bed was found to be “medical malpractice” and governed by MICRA’s exceedingly pro-doctor provisions and Cuevas… Read More »

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

By Dennis Stout |

Lane splitting refers to the process where a motorcyclist passes other vehicles by riding between lanes of stopped or slow moving traffic, or riding between vehicles along the lane line. This practice generally occurs on freeways or multi-lane highways. While considered annoying and even unsafe by most motorists (other than the motorcyclist), if done… Read More »

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