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Car Crashes in Reverse: Back Up Safely

By Dennis Stout |

California car crashes do not always happen when cars are moving forward. Careless or negligent conduct while driving a car in reverse can also lead to an injury or fatal crash! Car crashes that occur while the vehicle is in reverse do tend to happen at lower speeds – it is rare for someone… Read More »


By Dennis Stout |

Comprehensive and collision insurance are two separate and distinct types of optional insurance coverage available to drivers in the State of California. Generally, referred together as “comp and collision,” these coverages are not mandatory as are bodily injury and property damage liability coverages. Both collision and comprehensive coverages pay for damage to your vehicle,… Read More »

Can an Employer be Held Responsible for Workplace Violence?

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Across the country this year there have been numerous instances of fatal workplace violence in which a disgruntled or disturbed employee (or former employee) attacks fellow workers in the workplace. These have included the San Bernardino terrorist attack and other incidents at California workplaces. Whether the victims of these incidents survive or perish, the… Read More »

Texting While Driving is Not the Only Danger for Motorists

By Richard Irwin |

Thanks to public awareness campaigns and laws criminalizing the use of cellphones while driving (not only in California but throughout the United States), many motorists in the Golden State are – or should be – aware of the risks and dangers associated with texting while driving. One oft-cited statistic, for example, compares reading a… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

We do write quite frequently about the statute of limitations for medical malpractice matters in California.  For me, this largely stems from the numerous times I must decline a potential case based on the amount of time that has passed since an injury occurred.  Especially in wrongful death situations, the callers can be particularly… Read More »

What the Johnson and Johnson Verdict Tells Us About Dangerous Products

By Sara Morgan |

Earlier in August, a California jury entered a verdict in excess of $400 million against Johnson & Johnson after finding that the company’s baby powder led to a woman’s development of ovarian cancer following her use of the powder for feminine hygiene purposes. This type of award naturally grabs headlines, and it can also… Read More »

When Standing Next to a Horse Becomes “Horseback Riding.”

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Imagine you are participating in an endurance, 50 mile-long horseback riding event in Perris, California.  Two hours into the event, you and six others stop together, get off your horses, stand single-file, on the trail at a required checkpoint.  While you are standing, waiting to check in at the checkpoint, another rider gets knocked… Read More »

Judge Finds a Hot Air Balloon is Not a “Common Carrier”

By James Heiting |

It is well-established that a motorist owes every other motorist on the road a general duty of care – an obligation to operate his or her motor vehicle in a reasonable and careful manner so as not to expose others unnecessarily to a risk of harm. This general duty remains in place (and relatively… Read More »

Premises Liability and Foreseeable Harm

By Richard Irwin |

Property owners who open their property to others – either to enter to conduct business (like a retail establishment) or for personal friendships (like a home) – owe their guests certain legal duties. These duties may require property owners to make reasonable inspections of their property at regular and reasonable intervals (just before a… Read More »

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Accident

By Dennis Stout |

Hit and run motor vehicle crashes in California can leave you and/or your loved one in a precarious physical and financial position. While one may be able to have some medical bills and other expenses paid for through their own insurer (depending on coverage and the contract with the insurer), the ability to recover… Read More »

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