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Honesty is the Best Policy

By Heiting & Irwin |

We know you’ve heard this before. So many times, you might be tired of hearing it. However,the importance of honesty in a legal proceeding can never be overstated. Having been an attorney for over thirty years, I’ve seen cases totally lost by someone trying to make their case stronger by intentionally hiding prior similar… Read More »

Several California Hospitals Ranked High in Patient Safety

By Heiting & Irwin |

A recent post on discusses the California hospitals identified as the safest and least safe, as reported by the Leapfrog Group. According to its website, the Leapfrog Group was “[f]ounded in 2000 by large employers and other purchasers….[and] is a national nonprofit organization driving a movement for giant leaps forward in the quality… Read More »

Common Burn Injuries Around the Holidays

By Heiting & Irwin |

Thanksgiving is nearly here, and not long after millions of Americans will celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Day, and other holidays. While these are usually times of celebration, a holiday party or dinner with family can quickly turn tragic because of a burn injury. The Riverside burn injury attorneys of Heiting and Irwin see a… Read More »

New Evidence Code Section 351.2 Equalizes Rights for Non-Citizens

By Heiting & Irwin |

Until very recently, damages were calculated differently for citizens/residents vs. those not legally in the United States.  Typically, in a personal injury case, you can recover medical bills, fees for future medical care, lost earnings and earning capacity, pain and suffering.  As it relates to lost earnings and loss of earning capacity, the measuring… Read More »

Further Decline of Jury Trials

By Heiting & Irwin |

The Los Angeles Daily Journal, the leading legal newspaper in Southern California has recently reported facts and statistics regarding the continuing decline in jury trials throughout the United States, especially in Federal Court and in the State of California. Federal Court civil trials have steadily declined in the last 80 years. Commencing in 1938,… Read More »

Timing is Critical in Medical Setting Injuries

By Heiting & Irwin |

Several rulings have come down from higher courts this year in California relating to the proper time limit that applies to injury cases occurring in medical settings.  Excluding particularized time periods relating to public entities, there is usually either a 1-year medical malpractice or 2-year general negligence limitations period that applies to such injuries…. Read More »

Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and the Importance of Credible Witnesses

By Heiting & Irwin |

This year’s presidential election is one of the most contentious in recent history. Accusers have emerged, alleging that the Republican nominee for President Donald J. Trump sexually harassed and assaulted multiple women years earlier. Accusers have likewise charged that the husband of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (that is, former President Bill Clinton) has engaged… Read More »

Part 2 – Building a Better Medical Record for Your Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit

By Heiting & Irwin |

In a previous post we began the discussion of how to ensure your medical record helps you following a catastrophic injury (as opposed to hurting your chances of recovering compensation). When presented to a judge or jury, your medical record should “tell the story” of how your injury was inflicted and what steps you… Read More »

Doctor Who Holds Himself Out as Employee of Cedars-Sinai Not an Employee

By Heiting & Irwin |

The recently decided Markow v. Rosner (2016) 2016 Cal. App. Lexis 827, involved Mr. Markow receiving pain management treatment from Dr. Rosner.  The treatment concluded with Rosner providing an injection to Mr. Markow’s neck, near the base of his skull, which ultimately resulted in Mr. Markow becoming a paraplegic. Markow and his wife sued… Read More »

Clinton Loses Lawsuit by Default

By Heiting & Irwin |

Hillary Clinton is alleged to be in default in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a family member of one of the individuals killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack. The suit was filed by Charles Woods and Patricia Smith, the latter being the mother of Sean Smith (who was killed when the U.S. embassy… Read More »

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