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Part 2 – Building a Better Medical Record for Your Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit

By Heiting & Irwin |

In a previous post we began the discussion of how to ensure your medical record helps you following a catastrophic injury (as opposed to hurting your chances of recovering compensation). When presented to a judge or jury, your medical record should “tell the story” of how your injury was inflicted and what steps you… Read More »

Doctor Who Holds Himself Out as Employee of Cedars-Sinai Not an Employee

By Heiting & Irwin |

The recently decided Markow v. Rosner (2016) 2016 Cal. App. Lexis 827, involved Mr. Markow receiving pain management treatment from Dr. Rosner.  The treatment concluded with Rosner providing an injection to Mr. Markow’s neck, near the base of his skull, which ultimately resulted in Mr. Markow becoming a paraplegic. Markow and his wife sued… Read More »

Clinton Loses Lawsuit by Default

By Heiting & Irwin |

Hillary Clinton is alleged to be in default in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by a family member of one of the individuals killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack. The suit was filed by Charles Woods and Patricia Smith, the latter being the mother of Sean Smith (who was killed when the U.S. embassy… Read More »

Rise in Traffic Deaths, Rise in Litigation?

By Heiting & Irwin |

The United States Department of Transportation has provided statistics showing that in the year 2015, traffic deaths rose by 7.2 percent, with over 35,000 in traffic fatality collisions in the United States. The data provided by the U.S. Transportation Department of Transportation suggests that traffic deaths rose across every segment of the population, with… Read More »

What Makes a Personal Injury “Catastrophic”?

By Heiting & Irwin |

At Heiting & Irwin, our practice is dedicated to helping victims of catastrophic personal injury accidents recover compensation for their injuries. However, “catastrophic” is an ambiguous adjective; what one person considers to be “catastrophic” may not meet another person’s definition. Even amongst personal injury attorneys there is no universally-accepted definition of what constitutes a… Read More »

Attorney James Heiting Selected for 2017 Southern California Super Lawyers

By Heiting & Irwin |

This week it was confirmed that Attorney James Heiting, of Heiting & Irwin, in Riverside, California was selected again as a Southern California Super Lawyer. This particular distinction is only assigned to 5% of all attorneys in Southern California. Mr. Irwin has been a Super Lawyer in 2008, 2010 – 2011 and 2014 –… Read More »

James Heiting Recognized as a Distinguished Lawyer by Expert Network

By Heiting & Irwin |

Attorney James Heiting of Riverside, California was recently recognized by Expert Network as a Distinguished Lawyer™ based on the reviews, ratings and accomplishments he has achieved. Membership into Expert Network cannot merely be purchased, members must be nominated and then pass a multi-stage selection process ending with an interview.  With over 40 years of… Read More »

Hoverboard Recalls

By Heiting & Irwin |

Several months back, I wrote an initial blog discussing various aspects of “hoverboard liability.” These products/devices are now becoming the proverbial “accident waiting to happen.” There have been multiple incidents of the lithium battery packs (used to power the device), over-heating, smoking, catching fire and/or exploding, causing serious injury(s) to the user. There is… Read More »

Can Stress Lead to a Car Accident?

By Heiting & Irwin |

In 2013, 424,000 people were injured and 3,154 people died in vehicle accidents caused by distracted drivers. It is estimated that almost 660,000 drivers are using electronic devices or cell phones at any given time on our country’s highways, interstates, and roads. When you take your eyes off the road to send or read… Read More »

Injured, but told to Return to Work

By Heiting & Irwin |

Many times during our practice we encounter a situation where the injured worker believes that they cannot return to work, but their treating physician had releases them to return to work. Typically, in such situations, the physician has returned them to work in a “modified duty” capacity – meaning that they have been provided… Read More »

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