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Dennis Stout is a native Californian with significant ties to the Inland Empire, where he continues to reside. A graduate of Upland High School, the University of California, Riverside (B.S. Economics), and the University of La Verne (J.D.), Mr. Stout has practiced law continuously since 1979. He has been married to his wife, Alicia (R.N., C.E.N., M.I.C.N.) since that same year, and they have three adult children, all of whom live in Southern California. View Attorney Dennis Stout's Attorney Bio Here.

Suing a Driver Under the Influence for Personal Injury

By Dennis Stout |

When someone is caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they could face criminal charges in the form of a DUI. However, if they injured you while they were under the influence, then you could take them to court and sue them for personal injury. Damages, including damages to punish them (punitive… Read More »

HOV Lane Guidelines

By Dennis Stout |

High occupancy lane(s) or “HOV” lanes (sometimes also described as car pool lanes) are restricted to use by vehicles with greater than one occupant. It is illegal for single occupant vehicles to use the HOV lane(s) for travel, and most definitely for passing other vehicles! Single occupancy vehicles should not cross over the solid… Read More »

Steps to Take if You Slip and Fall in a Retail Store

By Dennis Stout |

Slipping, tripping, and falling in a retail store can be much more serious than it sounds. You could suffer from a severe injury under certain conditions and end up needing extensive medical care in order to recover. If you take certain steps if you fall in a retail store, then you’ll be much more… Read More »


By Dennis Stout |

Under the law in California, and practically every other state or jurisdiction, proof of liability (negligence) against a healthcare provider requires expert testimony regarding both the applicable standard of care and causation of the negligent act to the injury. In most cases, an expert will be retained in the same, or very similar field… Read More »


By Dennis Stout |

“Res Ipsa Loquitur” is a doctrine used to prove negligence based upon circumstantial evidence in tort (injury) cases. The res ipsa doctrine is basically a presumption that “the thing speaks for itself,” and allows a judge or jury to deduce negligence where there is no other reasonable explanation for what has occurred. The three… Read More »


By Dennis Stout |

An adverse party cited or charged with a crime, which resulted in personal injury claims for damages, can result in determining an important element of the civil case. Generally, a defendant in a criminal matter may plead guilty or no contest, as opposed to denying the charges. Guilty and no contest pleas can be… Read More »

Road Hazards Caused an Accident. Who Is Responsible?

By Dennis Stout |

You were driving when you encountered a huge piece of debris in the road. You had to quickly swerve to avoid it, and you ended up getting into an accident. Or, maybe you were driving and you came to an intersection but didn’t see a hidden or absent stop sign. Instead of stopping, you… Read More »

What Happens When You Get Injured During Summer Activities?

By Dennis Stout |

Summer is a time for fun in the sun. But your day out with your family or friends can quickly turn sour if you get injured. If you are wondering what happens when you get injured during summer activities and what next steps you should take, you’ll need to do your research and/or then… Read More »

Federal Tort Claims

By Dennis Stout |

The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) describes the procedure for handling claims against the United States, a government employee, or other governmental entity for a negligent act or omission. The FTCA permits private parties, contrary to the doctrine of Sovereign Immunity, to sue the United States in Federal Court for most torts committed by… Read More »

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE (Retained Foreign Object)

By Dennis Stout |

The typical statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims in California is three (3) years from the date of the injury or one (1) year after the injured party knew or should have known of the existence of the malpractice, whichever is the earlier of the two. There are exceptions to the statute of… Read More »

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