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Can You be Fired for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Employees in California are entitled to compensation if they are injured on the job, and more importantly, they have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, however, there are several employers out there who take workers’ compensation claims personally and who may attempt to fire an injured worker… Read More »

Calculating Settlement Awards for Burn Injuries

By Sara Morgan |

Like all injuries, burn injuries can range in severity from slight and temporary to severe and permanent. Though most burn injuries result in scarring, the more serious wounds cause permanent disfigurement, loss of function and mobility, and nerve damage. Some burns, depending on the location and how long after the incident they were treated,… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

It is an unfortunate truth that many people injured at work or through no fault of their own do not always experience a full recovery from their injuries.  Instead, despite the best medical efforts, they are left to piece their life back together while undergoing long-term pain management treatment, usually consisting of pain medications. … Read More »

Suing the Good Samaritan: When Good Intentions Cause Serious Harm

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

California and many other states have enacted so-called “Good Samaritan” laws (named after the biblical story of the good Samaritan). These laws were all enacted with a noble purpose: To encourage individuals to come to the aid of their fellow citizen in distress. These laws act to provide legal protection from suit for a… Read More »

Honesty is the Best Policy

By Dennis Stout |

We know you’ve heard this before. So many times, you might be tired of hearing it. However,the importance of honesty in a legal proceeding can never be overstated. Having been an attorney for over thirty years, I’ve seen cases totally lost by someone trying to make their case stronger by intentionally hiding prior similar… Read More »

Comedian Tracy Morgan Sues Walmart after Car Accident

By Sara Morgan |

The popular comedian and actor, Tracy Morgan, best known for his starring role in NBC’s “30Rock” decided to sue the Wal-Mart driver involved in the car accident that badly injured him and others this year. The allegations of Mr. Morgan’s injury include a head-on collision with a Wal-Mart company semi-truck that crossed the median… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

With each passing year it seems as if, despite the constraints of the California Workers’ Compensation system, we are able to settle many cases in the high six-figure, and at times, seven-figure range. This is in large part due to the nature of the injuries sustained by the injured worker (which are often considered… Read More »

What is the Difference between Murder and Wrongful Death?

By Sara Morgan |

As an experienced Riverside, California, wrongful death lawyer, clients and friends often ask me a seemingly difficult question: what is the difference between murder and wrongful death? First, I should say that both murder and the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another is very hard on survivors and family…. Read More »


By Robin Steele, Paralegal to Richard H. Irwin |

PART ONE: HOW TO RUIN YOUR “COMP” CASE Workers’ Compensation insurance carriers often hire private investigators to determine whether you are as injured as badly as you claim to be. With social media sites like Facebook, defense attorneys often do not even need private investigators to try and turn a trier of fact against… Read More »

What’s With All the Auto Recalls?

By Sara Morgan |

Car recalls have been on the rise, or so it seems. Getting wind of the General Motors scandal and investigation after a recall of 6.3 million vehicles has caused companies like Toyota and Ford to make recalls for even more millions of vehicles. But why?

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