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Escaping from a Mandatory Arbitration Clause

By James Heiting |

  Businesses like arbitration clauses. Whenever a business contracts with a customer (and especially when the business’s legal exposure is potentially high), chances are the business’s contract includes a provision requiring the customer to submit any claims or disputes it may have with the business to arbitration. In some cases, this arbitration is characterized… Read More »

Is California a “Fault” State for Car Insurance Purposes?

By Sara Morgan |

When a California car crash occurs, which driver’s insurance pay for the damages? This is a fundamental question that many car crash injury victims have in the aftermath of a collision. After all, identifying the proper insurance company with which to file a claim, or identifying the party who may be responsible for paying… Read More »

Will My Personal Injury Case Settle?

By James Heiting |

Although television shows and movies glorify dramatic “courtroom battles” between attorneys, the truth is that many personal injury cases are not litigated at all. Instead, it is common for many cases to settle out of court. Settlement agreements usually present both sides of a dispute with advantages over proceeding to a trial before a… Read More »

Be Careful Regarding Your Auto Insurance!

By James Heiting |

A recent case (Medina vs. Geico) found that, even though a person is badly injured in an accident as the result of another’s fault, and even though that person had personal auto insurance and was driving a van owned by that person’s employer (and the van was also insured), because the injured party was… Read More »

Buyer Beware

By Dennis Stout |

This maxim of law, caveat emptor, or let the buyer beware, generally stands for the principle that a purchaser of a product or service takes the risk of the quality or condition of the item being purchased unless there is some form of additional protection or warranty from the seller. Purchase of an item… Read More »

What to look for when buying car insurance

By Dennis Stout |

You don’t want to wait until you are in a car accident to think about insurance. Car insurance is required by law, but what kind of insurance do you need? We’ve provided some general guidelines offered from the Wall Street Journal that you should use when buying insurance or thinking of updating your policy…. Read More »


By Richard Irwin |

5. IF CONTACTED BY INSURANCE COMPANY – If you are contacted by the insurance carrier (or their investigator) regarding a “statement” that they want to obtain from you – if you are represented, contact your attorney immediately. If you are not represented let the person know that you will be more than willing to… Read More »

Five Things To Do After an Accident

By Richard Irwin |

Should you have the misfortune of being involved in an auto accident, it is important that you gather information and undertake a few responsibilities. These are the most important steps to take following a collision. Click here for a useful form that you can keep in your vehicle. This form will help you gather… Read More »


By Dennis Stout |

The simple answer to the question regarding the tax consequences of a settlement claim is it all depends on the nature of the settlement! Generally speaking, settlement money received from cases involving personal physical injury or physical sickness can be excluded from taxation (IRS Code sect. 104(a)(2)). Certain other types of settlement awards, (considering… Read More »


By Richard Irwin |

An employer bears the risk of incurring compensability liability under the California Workers’ Compensation Act for an injury suffered in route to or from a medical appointment related to an existing compensable injury. If an employee suffers a new injury while traveling a reasonable distance, to or from a medical appointment for an existing… Read More »

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