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Category Archives: Wrongful Death

Is an Auto Accident Death a Wrongful Death Case in California?

By James Heiting |

Every day in the United States, more than 90 people die in car accidents. The fact is that, even though driving seems harmless, it’s actually a pretty dangerous activity. There are a number of reasons why the accident rates for driving are so high. People are distracted by their cell phones and other devices… Read More »

The Future of the “No Driver” Trucking Industry and How It Can Affect You

By James Heiting |

Autonomous vehicles are the future of the auto industry. The fascination that consumers and companies alike have with Automated Driving Systems (ADS) has opened a new era of transportation forcing changes to the traditional means of transportation. This past February alone, companies made over $1.6 billion dollars in investments to the industry, thus marking… Read More »

Anesthesia Errors That Result in Death

By Sara Morgan |

 Anesthesia is a powerful sedative that can help patients through delicate medical procedures. Anesthesia, however, requires specialized training and is so powerful, misuse including life long disability brain damage and/or death could quickly result in devastating physical consequences for the patient. Unfortunately, these types of errors can occur (more often than we would hope)… Read More »

Learn About Wrongful Death Lawsuits in the State of California 

By Sara Morgan |

Losing a loved one as a result of another can be one of the most catastrophic situations a person can endure. When a person has lost his or her life as a result of another, the survivors may have the legal right to pursue a wrongful death claim. California law surrounding wrongful death claims… Read More »

An Overview of Wrongful Death Lawsuits

By Dennis Stout |

Wrongful death laws are statutory and thus vary from state to state. In California, only specific, enumerated, parties have the legal standing to bring forth a wrongful death claim. Some general examples of those who may make a claim for wrongful death are: The victim’s surviving spouse; The victim’s surviving domestic partner; or The… Read More »

Casualty in the Workplace: Workers’ Compensation Benefits vs. Wrongful Death Claims

By Richard Irwin |

Anyone can experience an accident at a workplace at any time and some lines of work are naturally more dangerous than others. Even so, we have to examine the facts of each individual event to determine the proper cause of action for the victim’s loved ones. In some cases, accidents can occur that tragically… Read More »

Understanding Wrongful Death Lawsuits in the State of California 

By Sara Morgan |

Losing a loved one is devastating. This event can be even more hurtful if your loved one passed away due to the negligence of another. This article will highlight important wrongful death laws in the State of California including important aspects of filing for a claim and what type of damages are available. Equally… Read More »


By Richard Irwin |

There are some very unique rules regarding who is a dependent of the deceased employee thus entitled to death benefits, how much they are entitled to and how said benefits are paid depending on the extent of dependency. In this blog, I will cover some (not all) of these special rules/laws. First, for injuries… Read More »

Important Factors to Consider When Filing for a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in the State of California

By Sara Morgan |

In the State of California, a wrongful death lawsuit is allowed when a party has committed a negligent, intentional, or reckless act that has led to another’s death. Wrongful death claims fall under the umbrella of personal injury lawsuits, however, these claims are brought forth by the survivors of the deceased victim. If you… Read More »

Medical Malpractice: An Overview

By Sara Morgan |

Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is injured by negligent care or attention by a medical provider or  professional, such as a doctor, nurse, technician or staff member. The laws in regard to medical malpractice vary from state to state. The following is an overview of medical malpractice law along with its rules and… Read More »

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