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LA Car Accident Attorney

los-angeles-sunsetYou haven’t experienced traffic until you’ve been on Santa Monica Boulevard for two hours on your way home from your Los Angeles workday. Californians everywhere rue business trips to the bustling city, cringing at the thought of an afternoon wasted while simply waiting to turn left on Wilshire. Despite the blaring music and riveting talk show hosts on the radio, we still despise each minute sitting on the freeway. I guess there’s a reason why LA is known for its aggressive drivers.

Despite the extremely slow pace on the freeways and surface streets, and the inch-by-inch crawl to work or back home during rush hour, injury causing car accidents and truck accidents do happen on Los Angeles roads. With one second of inattention, a stressful traffic situation can get even more stressful. What is even more stressful is when the car accident was not your fault. Your day, and your life, are interrupted, and much inconvenience to repair the property damage is on the horizon. But of real and ongoing significance is the fact that you or a loved one could be seriously injured or even killed, and even due to a collision that may seem minor as to property damages.

When you are a victim of a truck, bus, or car accident injury on an LA freeway, it can be a very confusing time, especially immediately after the accident. As a Los Angeles paramedic examines and assesses your injuries and your car gets towed down the exit ramp, questions begin to catapult through your brain.

How long will it take to repair my car? How will I pay for the car repairs? How serious are my injuries? Will I be in the hospital? How long? Will I need surgery? Will I be able to go to work? Will I be able to attend my daughter’s wedding? My son’s ball game? My friend’s Bar Mitzvah? How long will my injuries take to heal? How will I pay for the costly medical bills? Will my insurance cover all of the costs?

After you call your family members and tell them what hospital you are being transported to, the next call you should make is to your Los Angeles car accident injury attorney. If you are like most people, you do not have an auto accident injury attorney on speed dial. You know you need one now, but you weren’t prepared for this hunt.

At Heiting & Irwin, we understand these events can be overwhelming, and the hunt for a lawyer impossible. When you search for a personal injury attorney for your car accident ailments, you want to make sure you have someone with a great reputation for being the best in seeking compensation for the negligence of others.

You ultimately want a lawyer who will be your greatest Los Angeles advocate.

At Heiting & Irwin, we want to be your car accident injury lawsuit advocate. Contact us today and ask all the questions you have, and lay aside your concerns. Let us take it from here.

Resolve your Los Angeles, California car crash injury claim today. Get the very best lawyers you can get.

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