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Riverside, CA Motorcycle Accident

Riverside Motorcycle Accidents

Think about how many times you crashed your bicycle when you had training wheels on it – probably not many. Four wheels are relatively stable, even for a six-year-old. What about when you took the training wheels off? There were probably many skinned knees, maybe a broken wrist, and certainly a bruised ego. Making a jump to motor vehicles, it goes without saying that motorcycle accidents are typically far more dangerous than car accidents. Motorcycle accidents have a fatality rate that is 26 times greater than the fatality rate of car accidents!

With those looming statistics, some would ask, why ride motorcycles? What could possibly be worth that risk? Cars are safe, comfortable, controllable, and not weather-dependant. They both get you from point A to point B, but what about the drive between the two points?

California, with its coastal highways, beaches, and weather, attracts thousands of motorcyclists each year. These riders enjoy the experience of the scenery, and the feel of being closer to nature. There is something breathtaking about this distinct freedom and invigoration that can accompany your commute when you are on a motorcycle.

In a car, we are in our own worlds. Everything we hear is at our control. Climate is at our fingertips. Most importantly, everyone in the cars around is usually aware that you exist because of car size and visibility.

By the general design of motorcycles, they are far more prone to accidents than standard vehicles. Riding requires a very alert mind, a solid sense of balance, and physical leg strength. On top of that, motorcycles occupy significantly less space on the road, making them very difficult for other drivers to see.

Even though the comparison is clear, about 8.5 million U.S. residents still make the decision to sacrifice some car security and control on the road in order to ride their motorcycles. These dedicated cyclists have tasted the freedom of being in such an open vehicle and ride even with increased risk of injury or fatality.

For these enthusiasts, and for all of us, it’s especially important to know the proper actions to take after an accident. It might be valuable to keep this checklist in your motorcycle in case of any incident.

With a deep value of the American justice system, we are committed to achieving the justice that motorcycle accident victims deserve. Contact Heiting & Irwin Attorneys at Law as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident to get the proper representation and advice early on in the legal process.

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