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Too often an individual who initially has only a physical injury (eg: injury to an arm, leg,
neck, back, etc.) develops other, often more serious problems, which are a consequence of their original injury or treatment.

Examples include:

  • Aggravation of High Blood Pressure – caused by anxiety, stress or depression (among other things) associated with their industrial injury. Being injured, off work, dealing with significant changes in finances, etc., are all potential contributing factors;

  • Aggravation of Diabetes – insulin levels can be affected by trauma, including the trauma of surgery;

  • Sleep Issues- sleep disturbance, in different forms, can be caused by many factors, including stress, the effects of medicine(s), and pain. This can, in some circumstances, lead to a more serious condition known as “sleep apnea” which has its own negative effects on an individual’s well being;

  • Serious Dental Damage – Anxiety, depression and the extended use of certain medications can lead to multiple problems such as clenching/grinding of your teeth while sleeping and TMJ with obvious negative dental consequences. The use of certain medications can create a condition known more commonly as “dry mouth” which can ultimately lead to decay and deterioration, loss of teeth, etc.

The above are some conditions that are consequences of industrial injuries not more commonly thought of.

The above list does not include the potential damage to an individual’s liver, kidneys, stomach or heart that can be caused by some of the above conditions, not to mention the damage caused by chronic medicine use.

If you are a friend or family member of an individual who has sustained an industrial injury, pay attention to changes you see or the injured worker talks about. Those changes in high blood pressure, heart related symptoms, insulin intake, sleep disturbance, teeth or jaw-related symptoms, intestinal/stomach problems, etc. – may be connected to their industrial injuries and/or the consequences of treatment received as a result of those original injuries.

Watch out – pay attention- speak up!

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