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It is an unfortunate truth that many people injured at work or through no fault of their own do not always experience a full recovery from their injuries.  Instead, despite the best medical efforts, they are left to piece their life back together while undergoing long-term pain management treatment, usually consisting of pain medications.  In addition to living their lives in the haze of pain medication, other side effects such as constipation, tooth decay, and gastrointestinal issues may arise.  Many of our clients, no matter the amount of compensation they receive, merely wish they could go back to how they were before the injury occurred.

Thankfully, there have been some recent breakthroughs and advances in the area of pain management (see article here).  Clinical trials have begun for the use of stem cell therapy to treat chronic pain.  The premise is that many chronic pains can be traced to injury to tissues in the body that have not healed.  Sometimes, a person may even suffer from a disease that impedes or prevents proper healing of the tissues.  Enter stem cells, which are crucial to the healing process and are able to generate replacement cells to help the damaged or disease-affected tissues.

Hopefully, this approach will prove reliable for the treatment of chronic, long-term pain, and offer a better choice for people wanting an improvement in their quality of life.  In the meantime, we will continue to advocate for our clients and get them as much help as possible with future medical costs.  We would be honored to discuss any long-term pain or injuries that might have been caused by another’s negligence or a workplace injury.

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