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Riverside Road Hazard Accident Lawyers

Road-HazardHave you been driving down the road or the interstate and had to swerve because of a pothole or something was in the road? What happens if you have a motor vehicle accident because of a road hazard? Who will pay your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages?

In order to ensure your legal right to receive compensation for your injuries and losses is protected, you need to contact an experienced Riverside car accident attorney as soon as possible. Road hazard accidents can involve multiple parties, government entities, large corporations, and disputed liability. For this reason, you need an experienced road hazard accident attorney as soon as possible working on your case to identify and preserve key evidence and make/perfect timely claims that will be used to hold the responsible party accountable and to get you the money you deserve.

Types of Road Hazard Accidents

Road hazards cause thousands of accidents each day throughout California. Determining who is liable for a road hazard accident begins with determining what caused the accident. Common road hazards that can cause accidents include:

  • Potholes
  • Faulty traffic signals and directives
  • Missing traffic signs
  • Improperly maintained bridges and roads
  • Poorly maintained or untrimmed roadside trees, bushes, and other foliage
  • Debris, equipment, tools, trailers, and other objects in or about the travelway

We find common road hazards: cause road hazard accidents:

  • Road Debris – Road debris includes everything from trash, pieces of tires, and other vehicle debris to household items (yes – even refrigerators) or other consumer items that have fallen off a vehicle while in transport. Regardless of what the road debris may be, an accident caused by road debris is usually not your fault. However, it may be difficult to determine who is at fault for the road debris (and your lack of fault in the accident). It is imperative that you consult with an experienced car accident attorney in Riverside CA as soon as possible, to work quickly to obtain evidence, interview witnesses, and get you the compensation you deserve for your road hazard accident. Videos and photos at the accident scene can prove invaluable and impossible to get even a day after the accident.
  • Construction Zones – Construction zones are a large contributor to accidents because of the barriers, machinery, and debris left behind or set out as workers perform their job. If you have an injury in a construction zone, you may have an action against the construction company, the general contract, and/or the government entity tasked with maintaining that road.
  • Tailgating and Aggressive Driving – This type of road hazard is increasing as road rage takes over more drivers. Aggressive driving and tailgating can quickly cause an accident. Typically, the other driver is at fault in this type of road hazard accident.
  • Inclement Weather – Inclement weather cannot be controlled by anyone; however, it is a road hazard that can cause car crashes. Even if no other cars are involved in the accident, others may be responsible for not maintaining the road.  You should always consult with an experienced and highly rated car accident attorney such as those at Heiting & Irwin to ensure you are being treated fairly.
  • Drunk Drivers – If a person chooses to consume alcohol or drugs, the person should find another way home other than getting behind the wheel of a car. A person who causes a DUI accident is responsible for any damages, losses, and injuries caused by that accident. They may also be responsible for punitive (punishment) damages that insurance does not cover. Bankruptcy, available to defendants to minimize personal responsibility in many cases, may not be able to the drunk driver. Drunk driving carries very serious consequences.

As experienced car accident attorneys centered in Riverside, Inland Empire, and Orange County, CA, our law firm handles a variety of road hazard accident attempt to claims each year. Each accident is unique and our team will promptly investigate the cause(s) of your accident, determine the responsible party(ies), obtain key evidence, interview witnesses, and work to get you the compensation you deserve for your pain, your suffering and all other damages available.

If you or a family member has been injured in a road hazard accident, do not wait to contact a motor vehicle accident attorney at Heiting & Irwin. You only have a limited amount of time to file under California’s personal injury laws. If you wait too long, you may lose your right to receive compensation completely.

Did You Crash Due to a Road Hazard?

Call Heiting & Irwin at 951-682-6400 to schedule a free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers. You may also contact our office online for your convenience. Our road hazard accident attorneys can help you receive compensation for your past and future medical bills, lost wages, lost ability to earn in the future (even if personal ability is retained), property damage, physical pain, mental anguish, scarring, permanent disability, and other compensable damages.