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William C. Bibb

William C. Bibb


William C. Bibb attended the Webb School in Claremont, California. He graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in psychology in 1972, and earned his juris doctorate degree from Southwestern School of Law in Los Angeles in 1977.Mr. Bibb worked for the University Extension in the dean’s office (UCLA), as a member of Operation Services, proctoring classes for Continuing Education of the Bar. He worked with the Media Center and on many executive programs. Mr. Bibb then clerked for a Certified Tax Specialist in Century City, working on intra corporate litigation.

Mr. Bibb developed an interest in helping injured victims, so he became an attorney’s investigator during his attendance in law school. He also was awarded an internship with the presiding judge of the Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. Upon graduation, he went to work for a prominent trial lawyer in Santa Monica. He joined a firm that worked in personal injury litigation (in defense and then to the plaintiff’s side). He went into a partnership (about three years), with two lawyers, one of whom is now a judge. He has been working to hold those who injure parties accountable.

Although Mr. Bibb’s brother, father and sister were all physicians and/or dentists, the law has been a family tradition. This combination made it a natural transition for Mr. Bibb to handle medical malpractice cases for plaintiffs.

Mr. Bibb met Attorney James O. Heiting in the mid-1990’s and was delighted to join his firm, Heiting & Irwin.

William Bibb continues to dedicate himself to improving the plight of those injured due to the negligence or wrongful acts of others.

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