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Case Results

We encourage you to explore a selection of our recent case outcomes to gain insight into our previous achievements and understand how we’ve assisted individuals facing circumstances like yours.


Drunk driver runs red light and t-bones young adult woman – lifetime care needed.


Little girl passenger in accident caused by street racing cars – brain damage.


Medical Malpractice

C-Section wound split open.


High power gas line ruptures after intersection auto accident. Plaintiff driver unlicensed and subject to proposition 213 (settled after liability trial) – $10 million payout over lifetime.


Slip and fall on stepping stones at client’s apartment complex.


Family practice physician delivers twins in high risk pregnancy. Twins injured.


Workplace injury to arm due to suction hose.


Motorcycle v. auto – Death.


Motorcycle accident — Death.


Truck accident; near complete recovery.


Arthroscopic surgery results in infection.


High school chemistry experiment injury.


Pizza delivery man rear ends motorcycle at stop sign — Death.


Bedsore injuries due to hospital neglect (jury).


Construction Accident

Backhoe drops trench plate on co-worker.


Pressurizing pipe caused it to blow — scalded face of worker.


Young man swimming and dives into water canal with buddies in rural area – vs. water district.


Homeowner’s association negligence (expected to pay out $4.5 million lifetime).


Sexual touching by preschool care giver (life time payout).


Early morning sudden burst of sun in eyes as defendant crosses intersection. Police attribute fault to homeless clients for jaywalking outside and past crosswalk.


Motorcycle accident — Death.


Slip and fall at car dealership.


Motorcycle accident injury.


Mystifying paralysis moving up body — delayed diagnosis.


*Spinal surgery gone bad – vs. ortho surgeon – settled after liability verdict for plaintiff and changed way spinal surgeries are performed


High wire lineman injured in MVA – but killed by medical malpractice – unmarried; step-children only.


Screen between golfers at driving range causes richochet of ball back into eye of golfer


2 trucks come together on freeway


66 yr old autistic pedestrian living in assisted living knocked down by left turning car in intersection. Died of unrelated cancer 2 years into lawsuit. Successor in interest appointed and we were able to continue to prosecute.


Car battery blew up – expected lifetime payout $3+ mil.


Failure to diagnose urinary tract infection


Accident among young men goofing around on motorcycles


Motor vehicle accident – neck and soft tissue


Exploding ratchet tool injured Navy seaman


Lost tip of finger – pinched in crib


Disabled truck in previous accident on freeway; no warning lights – client ran into truck


Client’s truck drifts off freeway lane and hits parked truck on side of road.


Professor with prior back injury — soft tissue; rear ended on freeway (4 week trial).


Piping slides forward into cab of truck during sudden stop due to lack of guard built into trailer.


Defective hip prosthesis.


Rear end accident with neck pain. Defendant could have settled under $5,000 – jury trial.


Wrong eye drops cause vision problems.


Car wash attendant hits patron with car.


Medical malpractice – plastic surgery.


Flash bum to back of hand from electrical panel.


Kids throwing rocks at school – one hit and injured (vs. school).


Kids playing with gasoline and fire – negligent supervision.


Medical Malpractice – failure to diagnose.


Workplace injury to hand vs. 3rd party.


Dog jumped on lady taking a walk – broken arm.


School premises injury; facial lacerations.


Slip and fall in parking lot – facial injury.

*RE: all medical malpractice cases referenced, maximum pain and suffering allowed by statute was limited to $250,000 at the time of the award/settlement.