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By Sara Morgan |

It is an unfortunate truth that many people injured at work or through no fault of their own do not always experience a full recovery from their injuries.  Instead, despite the best medical efforts, they are left to piece their life back together while undergoing long-term pain management treatment, usually consisting of pain medications. … Read More »

How You Can Prevent Motorcycle Accidents and Avoid Legal Liability

By James Heiting |

  Motorcycle accidents occur far too frequently, especially in California where the sun is always shining and the roads are always busy. While it is up to motorcyclists to look out for their own safety, it is also a driver’s responsibility, as a participant of traffic, to practice safe driving techniques designed to keep… Read More »

Former Playboy Model Dies from Chiropractic Treatment

By Richard Irwin |

Many people turn to chiropractic treatment as an alternative healthcare means. While chiropractic treatment certainly can help with neck and back pain, some evidence suggests that over manipulation can actually cause more harm than good. Such was the case with “Charlotte”, a mother and former Playboy model, who died after receiving “routine chiropractic care.”… Read More »


By Richard Irwin |

Vocational rehabilitation as it existed some years ago is largely gone – at least as it pertains to injuries after January 1, 2004. In the “good old days” an injured worker was paid a bi-weekly benefit while they participated in a vocation rehabilitation, had a vocational rehabilitation counselor who was paid by the carrier… Read More »

Why Slip and Fall Cases are Difficult to Win

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

When you hear about premises liability lawsuits, slip, trip, and fall cases may be the first type that come to mind. However, despite their prevalence, and despite the fact that slips and falls generally result in serious injuries, slip and fall cases are difficult to win. When these types of accidents occur, it is… Read More »

Suing an Architect, Professional Engineer or Land Surveyor? Watch Out!

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

There’s a lesser known requirement embodied in Code of Civil Procedure Section 411.35 that sets forth special requirements when filing a professional negligence case against an architect, a professional engineer, or a land surveyor.  This section requires that the filing attorney attach a certificate of merit when filing the complaint.  The certificate of merit… Read More »

What is Considered a Catastrophic Injury?

By Sara Morgan |

When people are injured in accidents, they typically do not sustain what is considered a “catastrophic injury.” Though an injury may be bad—as in, broken bones are involved, the likelihood of surgery is high, etc.—catastrophic injuries are much worse.  They are life-changing. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident that… Read More »

Tainted Foreign Goods: Where can You Turn for Compensation?

By James Heiting |

Papayas imported from Mexico are suspected in a recent four-state outbreak of salmonella poisoning that has caused over 200 people to become sick thus far. While any person affected by  tainted fruit may experience symptoms that range from mild to severe (or no symptoms at all), does it seem fair that these individuals themselves… Read More »

Anatomy of a Car Accident Lawsuit Infographic

By James Heiting |

If you or a family member were seriously injured in a car accident, this infographic will help educate you as to the process of filing an injury lawsuit and the stages of a motor vehicle collision. Scroll down to view and download. You are welcome to use this infographic with a link back to… Read More »

Car Crashes in Reverse: Back Up Safely

By Dennis Stout |

California car crashes do not always happen when cars are moving forward. Careless or negligent conduct while driving a car in reverse can also lead to an injury or fatal crash! Car crashes that occur while the vehicle is in reverse do tend to happen at lower speeds – it is rare for someone… Read More »

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