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What You Should Know About Train Accidents in California

By Richard Irwin |

Presently, there are over a million train cars across the nation. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) reports that there are approximately 3,000 train-related accidents each year and about 1,000 of these accidents have fatal consequences. Other reports suggest that the amount of accidents and injuries could be much higher. This is true even though… Read More »

Disney Recalls Toy Story Plush

By James Heiting |

Disney’s movie franchise Toy Story has been a huge success for the famed company. With three very popular films, Disney released a fourth sequel to the franchise, and with it, a line of products for movie fans. While Disney products are generally well received, even Disney products can sometimes be designed or manufactured with… Read More »


By Dennis Stout |

The State of California requires that all drivers carry minimal automobile liability insurance with bodily injury limits of $15,000.00 per person, $30,000.00 per event, and $5,000.00 in property damage.  The intent behind the California requirement for these minimal liability insurance limits is to protect other drivers/victims from your negligence in the operation of a… Read More »

Medical Malpractice: Patient Abandonment

By Tim Martinez |

Patient abandonment occurs when a medical practitioner claims to terminate the doctor-patient relationship without a reasonable excuse or without reasonable notice and thereby fails to offer the patient the opportunity to find a competent substitute care provider. Here, you will find some elements that describe patient abandonment, in a health care setting. Defining Patient… Read More »

Court of Appeals rules “Common Carrier” Civil Code Section 2100 does not apply to commonplace hazards in a train Station

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Alice Churchman sustained injuries when she fell when she lost balance while attempting to board a railway car run by the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).  She alleged several factors combined to create a confusing situation on the rail platform: The opening and closing of doors of opposite sides of the cars Partially inaudible… Read More »

Reviewing Safety Requirements for Swimming Pools in the State of California

By Susi Johnson |

Swimming pools are a staple for the long California summers. Many families look forward to spending their days swimming and having fun. In fact, swimming pools often create great memorable moments that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, swimming pools are hazardous and many families will often overlook the dangers. This article will underline current California… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

Sending our best wishes to Kevin Hart and his family, as news breaks that he has suffered serious injuries in a car crash that took place this past Sunday, requiring him to undergo emergency back surgery as a result.  (See  While it is being reported that he is doing fine and expected to… Read More »

Understanding Your Rights After a Construction Accident

By Richard Irwin |

Under the current economic climate, the construction industry is booming. Construction projects are everywhere, from freeways to home building, construction sites are all around us. While most construction workers will easily tell you that there are many risks associated with their line of work, you should know that being injured while working is not… Read More »

Seek Financial Restitution After An Airbag Malfunction

By James Heiting |

According the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are millions of airbag recalls each year. Recently, Takata airbags have been under recall because some of these airbags are reported to have exploded when deployed, which can cause serious bodily injury and even death. These airbags have affected multiple major auto brands that include… Read More »

Medical Malpractice in California: A Medical Professional’s Liability for the Failure to Report Child Abuse

By Dennis Stout |

According to a journal article published by the AMA Journal of Ethics: Health Law, medical professionals are obligated by legal and ethical standards to uphold patient confidentiality. This requirement, however, is not absolute. A patient’s medical record discretion could be breached (ethically) if there is a safety concern over the patient, if there is… Read More »

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