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Can Cremation Services be Held Responsible for Mishandling of Pet Remains?

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Can Cremation Services be Held Responsible for Mishandling of Pet Remains?  This was one of the questions recently taken on by the California Court of Appeal for the Fourth District in Levy v. Only Cremations for Pets, Inc. (Nov. 6, 2020, No. G057888) _Cal.App.5th_ [2020 Cal. App. LEXIS 1056.) The Levy family sued defendants,… Read More »

What Counts as a Wrongful Death in California?

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful. If it happens because of natural causes, it’s hard enough, but if it happens as a result of someone else’s negligence – whether or not it was intentional – the situation becomes much more difficult. A loved one may have died young, years before it would have… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

My heart sank when I ran across an article about a workplace incident that resulted in the death of a 42 year old man on November 10, 2020.  Early reports indicate a 12-1/2 ton mold used in the manufacturing of large product parts for the transportation market had fallen on top of the worker,… Read More »

Does the operator of a music festival owe a duty of care to its patrons to provide medical care?

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

Does the operator of a music festival owe a duty of care to its patrons to provide medical care?  That’s the question recently taken up by the Court of Appeals for the Second District. While at Live Nation’s 2015 “Hard Fest,” which took place at the Pomona Fairplex, Katie Dix, a festival-goer, ingested an… Read More »

What Should I Do if an Uninsured Motorist Hit My Car?

By Jean-Simon Serrano |

If you learn nothing else, learn that you need uninsured motorist coverage (maximum limits if you can).  This is absolutely a must for any responsible person.  The coverage is usually cheap, but invaluable if something happens. Every time you get into your car, you’re taking a risk. Driving can be dangerous, especially since other… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

As you may know, L.A. Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor suffered a punctured lung last month when the team physician administered some type of injection into his ribs.  After suffering a cracked rib the week prior, the injection was given just before the start of the Charger’s 09/20/2020 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.  Because… Read More »


By Dennis Stout |

Witness interviews are an important part of the investigation by attorneys or their staff in the evaluation and presentation of evidence.  Generally, witness statements will be protected from disclosure to the adverse party if the material discovered reveals an attorney’s impression, conclusions, opinions, or legal research.  Code of Civil Procedure §2018.030 sets forth the… Read More »

What Do You Do if You Fall on an Uneven Sidewalk?

By Dennis Stout |

Tripping and falling on an uneven sidewalk may not sound like a big deal, but it can cause very serious, or even deadly, injury. If you were walking and you fell on a defective sidewalk, you may be able to pursue legal action and get compensation for your claim.  Here’s what to do. Get… Read More »

How Do You Prove a Driver was Distracted?

By James Heiting |

Distracted driving is a huge problem, with more and more drivers paying attention to their mobile devices and other distractions rather than what’s on the road. However, distracted driving includes more than just mobile devices. Drivers who are eating, drinking, grooming, turning the radio on or off, talking to passengers in the car or… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

In the realm of personal injury litigation in California, the effect of the pandemic will be most harshly felt by plaintiffs, the parties that suffer physical and financial harms as a result of another’s negligence.  Also sometimes referred to as “claimants” or “victims”, plaintiffs bear the burden of showing proof of these harms to… Read More »

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