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Catastrophic Injury Law: What You Should Know About Amputation Injuries and the Law

When a person has undergone an amputation, he or she faces a long and troublesome road to recovery. Amputations cause serious and life-altering consequences to every victim. Due to the great impact they have on individuals, amputation injury cases require the legal support of highly specialized, dedicated, and caring attorneys. Qualified lawyers well versed in catastrophic injury law who will understand the complexity of the case and help the victim in his or her journey of recovery, physically, emotionally, and financially for such a catastrophic injury.

The Impact of a Catastrophic Injury

There is very little a person can say to describe the consequences of waking in a hospital with the realization that his or her limb has been amputated. Undoubtedly, an amputation injury will result in lifelong and permanent changes. But there are continuous scientific and technological advances, and much can be done to return a person to his or her way of life prior to the event that lead to the injury. Yet, although certain surgeries and alterations can offer a victim a sense of normalcy, an amputation is an injury that is very impactful and will affect a person on many different levels.  Understanding this is important in representing the victim.

Individuals who have suffered an amputation will generally undergo reconstructive surgery, attempt to learn the use of prosthetics, and even relearn basic everyday tasks. An amputation injury may ultimately leave a person with the inability to make an income, at least as it existed pre-injury. If the victim is the main provider for his or her family, it is likely that the injury will have an immediate effect on the victim’s dependents.  The family home may be at risk as well as everybody’s lifestyle(s).

Physical pain and the loss of an income potential are not the only challenges a victim will face. Many victims will struggle with the impact of the loss and/or disfigurement, which will lead to emotional distress and anguish. Amputations can be extreme and sudden changes that many people are simply not prepared for. Many victims will suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, and/or anxiety.

Catastrophic Injury Cases are Different Than Other Cases

Catastrophic injury claims are different than those of other types of personal injury claims because of the delicate and lifelong care the individual will need in the wake of the incident. Very costly medical expenses will begin immediately after the incident has occurred. Then there are costs of medical care such as surgery and/or rehabilitation and prosthetics, physical therapy, training and rehabilitation.  Many patients will need special medications, as well as specialized physical therapy, equipment, extensive physician’s visits, and much more throughout his or her lifetime.

Catastrophic injury claims are also different from a legal perspective. Targeted experts will be helpful; and since catastrophic injuries carry such high damages, it is likely that the defendant(s) will go through great lengths to challenge the case and claims.

Catastrophic injuries involving amputations can involve various circumstances and defendants. They include:

  • Truck accidents/motor vehicle accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Using machinery
  • Falls
  • Crush-type injuries
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Employers

Hire an Attorney With the Right Experience

If you or someone you care about has suffered a catastrophic injury such as an amputation, it is vital to seek the legal expertise of a qualified attorney. Do not allow financial burdens hinder the road to recovery; seek the support of a knowledgeable attorney, such as Heiting and Irwin, as soon as possible.

The attorneys at Heiting & Irwin APLC are committed to helping those who have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of negligent parties. They are knowledgeable and highly skilled in the field of catastrophic injury claims and have helped many, many victims prevail in securing appropriate damage awards and settlements in the wake of a devastating injury.

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