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Celebrity Tour Bus Accidents

For many of those who visit the City of Los Angeles and its surroundings, visiting popular celebrity destinations, such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Homes of the Stars, and other famous spots is a must. A great way to visit as many of these places as possible is to take a bus tour. Bus tour companies and their drivers know all the popular celebrity destinations and where the hottest celebrity homes are. By taking a celebrity bus tour, passengers can enjoy sightseeing throughout Hollywood without stressing  and navigating in traffic.

The Dangers Behind Celebrity Tour Buses

There have been cases of serious bodily injuries and even casualties that occur because of celebrity tour bus accidents. A serious accident involved a woman who was struck by a tree branch on the face while she stood in the upper deck of a bus. The accident caused her left eye socket to break, which resulted in her needing two surgeries. A second passenger on the same bus was also injured but sustained minor injuries. Another recent case involved the death of a minor. The underage boy died as a result of riding on the top deck of a double-decker bus and being struck by an overpass.

Both of these accidents involved passengers riding on the top deck of an open bus. Regrettably, it is claimed that the bus company made no changes to the safety guidelines for its passengers. Many tour buses pose dangers to those in the bus because the companies not only fail to issue sufficient safety warnings but also fail to provide sufficient security and supervision. When it comes to tour buses, there are limited laws that regulate how celebrity tour buses operate. Regrettably, this leaves safety protocol and procedure entirely to bus operators.  The following are common causes of celebrity bus tour accidents:

Inexperienced or Negligent Bus Drivers – When a company has a bus driver that has little to no experience driving a double-decker operate the bus for customer use, the consequences can be tragic. An inexperienced bus driver can negligently drive the vehicle causing an accident and passengers to suffer serious and even deadly injuries.

It should also be noted that even experienced bus drivers can cause an accident when he or she operates the vehicle while impaired or distracted. When a bus driver operates the vehicle in a careless manner, he or she is responsible for the injuries caused by their negligence.

Hazardous Objects – Celebrity tour bus passengers can sustain serious injuries as a result of environmental hazards, especially when they are on the upper deck of an open bus. These passengers are susceptible to freeway overpasses, tree branches, or street signs and other obstacles and objects. A collision with a foreign object can cause a very serious injury, including brain injuries. An injured passenger can be thrown out of the vehicle.

Vehicle Malfunction – Buses that are not adequately maintained can malfunction and cause serious collisions. These accidents can cause those in the bus sustain suffer blunt force trauma to the face, severe spinal cord injury, and/or serious head trauma.

Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney For Your Tour Bus Accident

After a celebrity tour bus or other bus, train or plane accident, hire the support of a skilled common carrier attorney who will defend your rights and ensure that the at-fault party is held responsible. At Heiting & Irwin, seeking justice for those injured in a tour bus accident, or other accident involving “common carriers” is of utmost importance. Contact the firm for a free case evaluation today.

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