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Construction Accidents in California

Construction sites are generally known to be some of the most dangerous places a person works. Building site employees deal with hazardous conditions on a routine basis. Whether a construction worker is building a single-room project for a private homeowner, or is working to develop a large commercial structure, construction workers are exposed to many hazards.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has recently stated that approximately 20% of 4,000 employee fatalities in the private industry were related to construction accidents. A few of the main causes for the casualties involved the following:

● Falling,
● electrocution,
● Being hit by a random object, and
● Injured by machine or other tools

Other workplace activities that can be dangerous involve:
● Defective methods of communication,
● Insufficient head protection,
● Open trenches,
● Excavations,
● Scaffolding, and
● Using high and unsecured ladders

Under federal regulations, an employer will have a number of different obligations that are set to prevent injury to a construction-site employee. State have also set various laws that are applicable to the construction industry. Setting Liability for Construction-Site Accidents

If you have been injured as a result of a construction accident, your opportunity to obtain financial restitution will likely face issues that involve indemnity, liability, and whether applicable safety rules and regulations were upheld. They will involve general contractors, subcontractors, safety officers and others.

When there are large-scale construction projects, there will usually be multiple parties that will bear the responsibility for workplace accidents. Parties that could share liability for a workplace injury can involve:

● Project design developers,
● Project engineers,
● Safety engineers,
● Owner of the property,
● Developer of the property,
● Equipment suppliers,
● Material suppliers,
● Contractors,
● Subcontractors, and
● Other laborers and employees.

In many cases, a general contractor will enter into relationships with equipment suppliers, material suppliers, or other subcontractors. Each subcontract may determine if the subcontractor will have liabilities regarding safety issues as well as highlight if the subcontractor will have the duty to indemnify (take responsibility for) the developer or contractor for any responsibility that arises from construction-site accidents. For the most part, a general contractor will be responsible for the overall safety and security of the premises. However, laws and cases regarding this concept are growing in number.

When a construction-site accident has transpired, a few issues will arise with respect to determining what party had control over the property and practices, as well as the status of the person who was injured. For a majority of the cases, a worker will be able to file for workers’ compensation, but that is rarely adequate to cover their losses. A personal injury claim includes damages that include pain and suffering, and it is important to seek the legal expertise of a qualified attorney who can determine how best to proceed. The attorneys should be able to handle the work comp and the “3rd party” (PI) claims to be most effective.

Seek the Expertise of a Proficient Attorney

Construction sites are some of the most hazardous work areas in any industry. If you have sustained an injury while working for a construction company, you may be entitled to obtain financial compensation. Speak to a well-versed attorney who has experience in handling construction-site accident cases.

The attorneys at Heiting & Irwin are very experienced in construction-site accident claims. The firm is proficient in personal injury cases as well as workers’ compensation claims. If you have any questions about filing a claim, the attorneys at Heiting & Irwin will study your case, and help you determine the best course of action for your specific case. You can contact them here.

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