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Over the past week the Los Angeles Superior Court system has announced the closure of four civil courtrooms in Pomona. The San Bernardino Superior Court system is apparently mulling over its options in the face of budget cuts, expected to be reached up to 18 percent.

Similar courtroom closures or furlough days, as have occurred in the past, are likely the next step. Riverside County Courts can’t be far behind.

What does this mean to civil litigants? Higher fees, more crowded courts, longer lines for services, and cases taking more time to complete. Is there a solution? Tax increases are one proposal, but that is never a viable solution to the average wage earner. The better solution is more competent litigation by attorneys through the use of effective Mediation and Arbitration. Cases that could last weeks in the court trial system can be litigated in days with Arbitration. Mediation, with retired judges or other competent attorneys or professionals, can and statistically do, resolve a substantial percentage of litigated cases, before trial.

The attorneys at Heiting & Irwin have arbitrated and mediated hundreds, if not thousands of cases over the years. Our goal is to investigate, discover, prepare, and litigate cases as efficiently as possible, always keeping the best interests of the client as our first priority. Even with courtroom closures looming, outside services remain available to attorneys to bring cases to a successful conclusion.

Regardless of the state of the courts, Heiting & Irwin attorneys remain available to consult on all types of legal matters. Contact us at your convenience.

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