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Disney Recalls Toy Story Plush

Disney’s movie franchise Toy Story has been a huge success for the famed company. With three very popular films, Disney released a fourth sequel to the franchise, and with it, a line of products for movie fans. While Disney products are generally well received, even Disney products can sometimes be designed or manufactured with potentially injurious properties.

Recalling Toy Story 4’s Forky

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Disney has voluntarily recalled approximately 80,000 plush toys because the product has been deemed potentially dangerous and defective for kids. While we know of no injuries reported, the plush toy, Forky, has been recalled by the giant company reportedly because of the potential for choking hazards.

Toy Safety & Products Liability Claims

Each year, millions of children’s products are sold. For the most part, a parent who makes a toy purchase will trust that the item has been thoroughly tested so that it conforms to various safety standards. Regrettably, this isn’t always the case. A company that has manufactured a defective toy needs to be held to the highest standard of safety and quality because the underage consumer is among the most vulnerable, and resulting damages are so tragic. When a company fails to adhere to top safety requirements and regulations, a products liability lawsuit is certainly appropriate.

When a child has been injured because of a defective product, his or her injuries could lead to terrible injuries, brain damage, and death. Successful claims have the potential to not only compensate hurt victims but they can also serve to make sure the company admits their fault and negligence and change practices to protect others who might use similar products in the future.

The potential of injury from a defective toy is not restricted and does not discriminate – every child who uses the product runs the risk of being injured. For example, any toy that contains a choking hazard can be particularly harmful to babies and toddlers.

How Injuries Caused By Defective Toys Happen

In order to better understand how an injury can occur, we must explore how defects occur. In a products liability claim, there are three main categories explored in which defects in a toy can occur, and these are:

  1. Design Flaws – Toys that have a faulty design will usually require all products from the line be pulled off the shelves.
  2. Manufacturing Defects – This includes defective parts and assembly.  It may be that these defects can be corrected by recall and revision.
  3. Insufficient Instructions and Warning Labels – A company can be held responsible for injuries caused by a product when the product did not have sufficient instructions and warnings.

File a Product Liability Claim

Whether or not a company has recalled a toy, if a defective product has injured a child, the family has the right to file a product liability lawsuit. Filing a claim though is not easy. In fact, the process can be very complex; but the end result can be very rewarding, individually and to society as a whole.

If your child has been injured because of a defective product, consider seeking the legal support of a qualified attorney who can help you.

The product liability attorneys at Heiting & Irwin have extensive experience in defending the rights of children and families that have endured damages because of product defect. The firm understands the complexity of this area of litigation cases and is prepared to vigorously represent victims in a court of law.

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