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In order to effectively evaluate any potential medical negligence claim, you should first consult with an experienced attorney in the field of medical negligence.  The initial consultation should include a detailed history of the events leading up to the alleged negligent conduct as well as the end result.  Remember, a poor result or bad outcome does not always result in a viable claim for medical negligence.
After the initial consultation, a thorough review of all medical records is most likely necessary.  This can be done on some occasions by the attorney; however, in an effort to prove that the medical care was below the applicable standard of care, an expert in the same or similar field will likely be retained.  Proof of medical negligence generally requires an “expert” to prove the negligence and the causation of injury or damage related to the negligent conduct.
Evaluation of a potential medical negligence action must be done in a timely fashion. Time limits to pursue legal action depend upon a variety of factors, including the age of the individual, the type of medical institution or provider rendering the treatment, and the discovery of the wrongdoing.
Medical negligence cases and wrongful death cases resulting from negligent medical treatment are highly emotional, traumatic, and many times complicated.  Evaluating and preparing these cases for potential settlement, arbitration, or trial, is something we do on an every day basis.
The attorneys at Heiting & Irwin are skilled evaluators and trial attorneys in the field of medical negligence cases.  Contact us to evaluate the issues of your potential claim related to medical care and treatment.
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