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Don’t Forget to do these 3 things after an accident

If you’ve just been in a car accident, there are some very important things you should always remember to do (not necessarily in this order):

  • Get names of Parties AND witnesses!

Oftentimes, clients only get the information of the other involved parties.  This is fine BUT it is often very helpful to get the names and numbers of third-party witnesses.  Yes, the other driver may have apologized profusely for causing the accident or admitted fault at the scene but things can change.  Having a third-party witness’s account of what happened can make all the difference in the situation where the other driver has a “lapse” of memory later and believes that YOU caused the accident after all.

  • Take Photos!

If you’re able, you should try to take photos of all of the involved vehicles.  You should also take photos of anything unusual in the roadway (road work, signs, etc.) and photos of debris and/or skidmarks on the roadway.  This type of evidence will quickly disappear in the moments or days after an incident and could prove crucial to reconstructing the accident.

  • See a Doctor

If you are experiencing pain after a collision, go to a doctor!  It’s tempting to try to “tough it out” and see if the pain will go away on its own; however, the pain may be indicative of a serious injury that needs immediate treatment.  Additionally, it is a common tactic of insurance companies to say, when a person waits to get treatment, “Well, they could not have been THAT injured, they waited X days to see a doctor.”  Insurance companies typically do not pay for injuries that are not treated.  Go to a doctor, find out what your injuries are, and follow their instructions vis-a-vis the prescribed treatment.

Of course, there are many other things that are important to do following a motor vehicle accident.  We at Heiting & Irwin have decades of experience handling these types of cases.  Call us today for a free consultation! (951) 682-6400.

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