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Don’t Let COVID-19 Negatively Affect Your Personal Injury Case

Invariably, with Court closures, business closures, and stay at home orders, the COVID-19 pandemic will have some affect on your personal injury case – don’t let it be a large one!

Here are some things to avoid:

DON’T treat your injuries any differently than you would prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Though some time limits have been lifted and/or extended, it is important that your claim is presented in a timely fashion.  You may not be able to pursue your claim if you wait until this is “over” – whenever that may be.

DO be mindful of deadlines and pay attention to your claim promptly.

DON’T wait to get the treatment you need.  If you need treatment or need a diagnosis for your symptoms and injuries, you should seek it in a timely manner.  Though you may believe it to be reasonable to wait until things have calmed down before seeking or continuing treatment, insurance companies will likely be looking for “gaps” in treatment to discount or question your claim.

DO get the treatment you need promptly and continue any treatment during the stay at home orders.  This may require adjusting to new techniques such as video to telephone appointments with doctors and/or modifications to physical therapy treatment, such as performing the treatment on your own, at home.

DO consult with an attorney immediately.  The experienced personal injury attorneys at Heiting & Irwin are presently working and their office is open to serve you.  They can help you preserve your claim(s) and assist you through the process, despite the current COVID-19 related restrictions.

Call us today.

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