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Drive Out to the Riverside Drive-In Theatre

Van Buren Drive-In Theatre | Riverside, CASome great ways to bring family and friends together during the summer are watching movies, playing around outside, and having a cookout. At the Riverside, California drive-in theatre you can do all of those things at once.

The Riverside Van Buren Drive-In Theatre is the perfect place to get together on a warm night. You can get there early, stake out the perfect spot, and enjoy the weather and community while you wait for featured movies, like Spiderman II, to come on the big screen.

Riverside’s drive-in theatre is unique because it displays a classic “Old California, Orange Ranch” theme. In 2007, the theatre’s box offices, marquee, snack bar, and landscaping were remodeled based on the community’s cultural heritage.

Family time is important, and at a drive-in theatre the movie experience becomes much more fun than just sitting on the couch or going to a theater. You can talk, eat, and enjoy the film the way you choose.

If you’re looking for a way to relax, have a great time, and enjoy the community with your family this summer in Riverside, try out the Van Buren Drive-In. For more information, you can visit the drive-in’s website.

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