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Most patients who are effected by medical malpractice, or medical negligence, never imagined they would one day be “plaintiffs” in a lawsuit. Any delay in realizing that medical negligence may have occurred, and that legal representation may be necessary, can have negative impacts on a patient’s ability to fully recover for the harms caused by such negligence. This topic is designed to provide some basic guidelines to patients who think they may be victims of medical malpractice.


In most legal situations, time is of the essence. The mere passage of time can harm your ability to obtain the best possible outcome for your particular circumstances, especially for a medical malpractice matter. Memories fade, and witnesses may be unable to recall specific details about the situation and circumstances. Records, prescription bottles, and other evidence may even be lost or damaged. An experienced medical malpractice attorney brought on board as soon as possible can help protect you against these and other risks. Further, thorough evaluation of a potential medical malpractice case typically requires the assistance of one or more medical professionals, and may take valuable time to obtain.

If you or someone you know suspects medical malpractice may have occurred, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney immediately. Because the law firm of Heiting & Irwin offers FREE CONSULTATIONS, there is no reason to put off calling today.

Mr. Irwin is a recognized specialist in Workers’ Compensation law. He has been certified as a specialist by the State Bar of California since 1995. He limits his practice to handling only workers’ compensation cases. View Attorney Richard Irwin's Attorney Bio Here.

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