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How Long Will It Take to Handle my Case/Claim?

This is a common question we receive from clients.  It’s also a question that is very difficult to answer because it depends on so many factors.

For one, if you were injured recently, we may not have a full understanding of your injuries.  Certainly, you don’t want to settle your case until you know how bad your injuries are, what can be done to resolve them, and what residual problems or complaints you may have for the rest of your life.  It’s helpful to be far enough along in your treatment such that you have a good idea or understanding of how/if your injuries resolve before we discuss, in earnest, settlement of your case.

Second, we don’t know how the other side will approach the claim.  Many cases settle prior to trial and even prior to filing a lawsuit.  If that is going to be possible, we need to have a defendant that is receptive to the idea of settling the claim.  This usually means a case where the other side is not disputing liability (i.e. saying that it was YOUR fault the injury producing event occurred).  Additionally, the negotiation process can be delayed if the insurance company is having difficulty locating or speaking with their insured. If the other side is receptive and willing to be reasonable, your case is more likely to settle in a timely manner.

Third, how much assistance are you going to provide your attorney?  Receiving full and fair value for your claim often relies on providing the necessary information to your attorneys.  This might include tax documents, pay stubs, receipts etc.  If you, the client, delay in getting these items to your attorney, this will prolong the process.

Failing a pre-litigation settlement, your attorneys will likely file a lawsuit to assist you in recovering for your damages.  Once this happens, the case will be pushed along by the Court.  Some jurisdictions will set trial dates quickly, trying to have a trial within 1-1.5 years of the date the lawsuit is filed.  Other jurisdictions are more relaxed and will even entertain continuing a trial date once it is set.  Ultimately, the filing of the lawsuit alone isn’t enough to ensure that your claim will resolve quickly.

While these are all factors that can affect how long your case or claim takes to resolve, choosing the right attorney can also have bearing on the speed at which your claim is handled.  How responsive is your attorney to your calls?  Can you reach them when you have a question or information to provide them?  How many other cases are they handling simultaneously?

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Heiting & Irwin have decades of experience handling all manner of personal injury claims.  Their attention to detail and dogged persistence will ensure that your case is handled in the most expedient manner possible given the above factors.  Call them today at (951) 682-6400 or visit them online at

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