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How to prevent a slip and fall in your home

Slip and fall injuries can leave you down and out for some time, affecting you physically, emotionally, and financially. We frequently help Riverside clients who have had the misfortune of injuring themselves in a slip and fall accident.

Unfortunately, one place that we have found is often the site of slip and fall accidents is the home. This can result in the homeowner being responsible for the injuries. Fortunately, these accidents can typically be prevented. You have virtually complete control of the environment in your home, and you can make it as safe as possible for yourself, family, and guests. Below are some tips from the National Safety Council that can help prevent slip and fall accidents.

  • Let’s begin in the bedroom. Choose a bed that is easy to get in and out of. Place any lamp and phone where they’re easy to reach. Make closet space available. Arrange clothes in the closet so that they’re easy to reach, and put a night-light in the room so that one can see where they’re walking when it’s dark.

  • In the living room and other communal areas, arrange the furniture so that you have clear walkways. Remove all of area or throw rugs, or use of non-slip backing tape is a good idea so that the rugs won’t move. Keep electrical cords out of walking areas, and install light switches at the entrance of rooms so that you don’t have to walk across a dark room to turn on the light. Keep clutter like papers, boxes, and shoes away from pathways, as well.

  • In the bathroom, place a slip-resistant rug next to the tub or shower so one can easily enter and exit safely. You might install grab bars for support inside the tub and next to the toilet, and replace glass shower doors with non-shattering materials. In the shower or tub, also place a non-slip rubber mat or non-skid adhesive on the bottom.

  • For safety in the kitchen, store food, dishes, and cooking utensils in easy-to-reach places. Immediately clean up any spills and/or debris on the floor. Have good lighting and open walkways. (And keep sharp or toxic items away from where children might access them.)

  • Stairways in the house need to be clear of any objects at all times. Uneven or broken steps should be fixed, and there should be enough lighting to see all steps and both landings. Make sure that carpet is firmly attached to every step and that handrails are securely fastened to both sides of the stairway.

  • Of course, keep the driveways and walkways safe, clear and well lit, too. No abandoned skateboards, bins, bats, bars, etc. No cracks that could cause one to trip.

As slip and fall injury attorneys in Riverside, California, we see countless accidents that could have been avoided had appropriate precautions been taken. Following these steps will help ensure that you, your family, and guests are safe in your home. Failure to follow such common sense advice, whether in a home, business or public place, can result in liability for an accident.

If you have any questions about slip and fall injuries, whether you or somebody else has been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact us right away, (951) 682-6400.