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Important Factors to Consider When Suffering an Injury at a Construction Site

If you have suffered an injury at your construction site workplace, you probably already know that a serious injury can cause you to lose time away from work. Lost time can lead to other problems, especially if you are the main financial contributor in your household. Whether it is a catastrophic injury, or one that is more minor, an injury can leave you incapacitated. Consider speaking to a qualified attorney about your case, as you may seek financial compensation for the damages you have sustained resulting from the incident.

Understanding the Benefits of Filing for Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is offered exclusively for employees who sustain injuries and/or ailments while on the job. There are a multitude of different forms packages that an individual may be able to sustain financial support from. A person who is seriously injured may also seek to file a lawsuit against a negligent third-party that may have contributed to the injury. For instance, a person who has sustained injuries due to a defective tool that was used at work may consider seeking restitution from the manufacturer of the tool. Not every form of claim is available to everyone. This will also depend on the region where the incident took place. If you are unsure what claim you should file for, consider speaking to a qualified attorney.

Common Construction-Site Injuries

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous workplace environments. They tend to house a multitude of hazards. Many construction projects deal with time restrictions which can lead to rushed and unsafe environments. A common workplace injury that can transpire in a construction site is a slip-and-fall. A slip and fall injury can be minor, but it can also lead to devastating results. A person can slip due to wet grounds, or fall from high altitudes. It is always highly recommended that the worker seek immediate medical attention. Many victims will fail to recognize the gravity of their injuries until days after the incident. Claims adjusters may blame the victim for failing to seek treatment. In other cases, claims adjusters may claim that a victim was never injured since there is no documentation to prove that there was ever an injury.

Seek Legal Support

If you or someone you know has been injured at a construction site due to a job-related incident, consider speaking to a qualified workers’ compensation attorney. An attorney with the right experience can help you understand what type of claims apply to your specific case. Further, he or she will also help to ensure that your claim is filed in a timely manner. Many states will have strict time limitations that allow for a small window of time to file a claim. If you seek to file a workers’ compensation claim, Heiting & Irwin can help. We have the dedication and experience necessary to help construction site injury victims file strong workers’ compensation claims.

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