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As part of Worker’s Compensation Reform, Senate Bill 863 developed a Return to Work Fund with 120 million dollars per year to be administered by the Department of Industrial Relations.  The program established through the Department of Industrial Relations is aptly named Return-to-Work Supplemental Program (RTWSP).

The RTWSP requires the Department of Industrial Relations, Department’s Director, to provide supplemental payments to injured workers who have become displaced and are unable to return to their employment.  The benefit is a one-time check for $5,000.00 to be used in any capacity.

To qualify, an applicant’s date of injury must have been sustained on or after January 1, 2013, and the applicant received a Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit voucher for the injury.  Generally, eligibility for the Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit voucher is determined  following a report deeming that  the applicant has reached  Maximum Medical Improvement, with permanent work restrictions that the employer is unable to accommodate by offer of modified or alternative work.

Application for the Return-to Work Supplement benefit must be received by Return-to-Work  Supplement Program within one year from the date the voucher was served on the applicant, or within one year from the date of the voucher.

According to the Department of Industrial Relations the following information is necessary to complete the application:

  • The entire SJDB voucher including proof of service (page6)
  • Adjudication (ADJ) number of the worker’s compensation case.
  • The Worker’s Compensation claim number.

You may apply on line at the Department of Industrial Relations -Return to Work Supplement Program.  If you need assistance you may visit one of your local Division of Worker’s Compensation offices and ask for an Information Assistance officer for help.  Or, consider contacting our office for any questions you may have regarding this program or any other questions relating to your work related injury.

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