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An employer bears the risk of incurring compensability liability under the California Workers’ Compensation Act for an injury suffered in route to or from a medical appointment related to an existing compensable injury.

If an employee suffers a new injury while traveling a reasonable distance, to or from a medical appointment for an existing compensable claim, the new injury will also be compensable. However, the employer will incur no liability if the employee travels an unreasonable distance to where the medical treatment was to occur and beyond “ the reasonable geographic area of his or her employer’s compensability risk.”

Each incident must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with consideration being given to:

  1. the location of the employee’s residence;
  2. the location of employee’s workplace;
  3. the location of the medical facility;
  4. the location of the employee’s attorney;
  5. the location where the new injury occurred;
  6. the route the employee takes to deviate from an reasonable direct route to the medical facility;
  7. the availability of providers or medical specialists;
  8. the distance between the medical provider’s office and the employee’s point of departure; and
  9. the employee’s reason why travel was beyond “the reasonable geographic area of his or her employer’s compensability of risk.”

Limited provisions is implied in Labor Code, Section 4600.

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Mr. Irwin is a recognized specialist in Workers’ Compensation law. He has been certified as a specialist by the State Bar of California since 1995. He limits his practice to handling only workers’ compensation cases. View Attorney Richard Irwin's Attorney Bio Here.

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