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Make Sure Your Burn Case is Properly Handled

When an injury occurs, sometimes it leaves a large scar, sometimes a small one, and sometimes, for the lucky, there is no scar; however, someone who has survived an injury involving burns to his/her body, catastrophic or minor, will always have scars (at least with today’s state of plastic surgery). All too often the burn survivor has his/her life permanently changed for the worse, regardless of the survivor’s ability to cover the scars with clothing. Where the burns cause scarring to portions of the body not easily covered by clothing, the physical scarring can often cause mental anguish, anxiety, and even depression that is more detrimental to the survivor than the original injury. A burn survivor can be the subject of ignorant ridicule and unwarranted embarrassment at the stares of onlookers. When a severe burn occurs, early, effective treatment is key to minimize the scarring. When another person is responsible for the burn-injury, seeking outstanding legal representation will help ensure that the survivor receives the maximum compensation. If you or someone you knows is a burn survivor, don’t let time go by without contacting a qualified personal injury attorney to discuss your legal rights. The attorneys at Heiting & Irwin have been practicing personal injury and have successfully litigated cases involving burn survivors since 1978. A professional attorney is ready to discuss what legal rights you or your loved one may have. Don’t wait, contact us today.

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