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Medical Fraud Causing Malpractice

Medical malpracticeAn elaborate workers’ compensation fraud ring that put several Southern California doctors at the center of the controversy ended with indictments against some of the doctors. The multi-million dollar fraud ring is claimed to have injured patients when doctors allegedly “put profits over patients,” even to the point of endangering the life of an infant. In an odd twist, the facts of the ring were revealed after a 6-month old ingested cream that had been prescribed by one of the indicted doctors. The infant later died from ingesting, according to the coroner on the case, “high levels of a pain reliever, cough suppressant, and antidepressant” that the mother had apparently been prescribed. The investigation into the baby’s death resulted in involuntary manslaughter charges in addition to fraud charges being brought against the doctors.

Although the mother is not being charged, the underlying issues highlight the issues of betrayal of trust and confidence we place in our medical professionals.

The case is an egregious example of the way that medical malpractice and personal injury resulting from negligent medical care can occur. So often, patients truly are at the mercy of the doctors who may have other, more personal, concerns than patient interests. When someone makes an appointment to seek medical treatment, the patient allows the doctor to guide diagnosis and treatment.

And what choice do we have as non-doctors? The public welfare depends on trusting medical professionals to act in the patient’s best interest. Society must be able to continue placing our trust in professionals who should put aside any conflicts of interest in ordering treatment and/or prescribing certain medications.

If you have been injured and you fear it is because your doctor prescribed the wrong medications, or over-prescribed medications that have caused you harm, please know that your options are not limited to just going along with continuing harm. You can speak to a medical malpractice lawyer who understands personal injury law. Put the experience of Heiting& Irwin to work for you.

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