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Metrolink and Other Train Accidents in the State of California

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there are an estimated 3,000 train-involved accidents each year. Approximately 1,000 of those accidents result in death. Perhaps unexpectedly, transportation via railroad is not always safe even though it has historically been seen as a safe method of commuting, as opposed to driving or other methods of travel. Accidents that involve train travel (and other “common carriers”) are different from other forms of travel due to their strict regulations. Upon collision, various government agencies will typically be involved in the investigation; and fault may be spread across a wide range of involved parties.

If you, or someone you know, was recently involved in a train accident, it is imperative to seek the legal expertise of a knowledgeable attorney. To an accident victim, financial compensation may be available for their injuries. It is important to seek the legal expertise of an attorney who is well versed in state and federal regulations that implicate or affect trains and railroads. Any personal injury claims in the State of California are subject to time restrictions (some very short), and a knowledgeable attorney will work swiftly to process the claim. Consult an attorney immediately, as investigation and making a prompt claim are essential.

A Brief History of Train Accidents in California
Regrettably, the State of California is familiar with catastrophic train accidents. For example, in 2008, a Metrolink train collided with another train, resulting in 25 deaths! Another devastating incident occurred in 2005 when a Metrolink collided with a vehicle that was abandoned on the train tracks. This incident caused the death of 11 victims.
Train accidents in California are, unfortunately, not uncommon; and some involve the injury of people in cars, people nearby, and pedestrians. If you or someone you know suffered injuries as a result of a Metrolink or other train accident, seek the legal expertise of an attorney who has experience and a good understanding of the appropriate law, procedures, and avenues of recovery available.

Traumatic Injuries Caused By Railroad Transportation Vehicles
All railroad transportation vehicles have the potential to cause devastating consequences to the victims involved. Due to the size of railroad vehicles as well as their inability to come to a complete stop quickly, train accidents have the capacity to cause catastrophic injuries. Many injuries can easily lead to lifelong disabilities and other medical grievances. These debilitating injuries can quickly result in high medical bills and the inability to earn an income. Accident victims can typically face all types of injuries, including:

● Simple bruising and soft tissue injuries,
● Traumatic brain injuries,
● Broken bones,
● Head trauma,
● Spinal cord injuries and paralysis,
● Lacerations, and/or
● Amputations
● Traumatic death.

Obtain the Support of an Experienced Attorney
Railroads, rail transportation and other similar systems of transportation are common methods of commute in California. Taking the train to and from work can offer many benefits to drivers who opt for this type of commute. In the midst of all of the benefits, though, very serious injuries can nonetheless occur. If you have suffered injury or lost a loved one as a result of a train accident in California, seek the legal expertise of an experienced attorney.

The attorneys at Heiting & Irwin are dedicated to fighting for the rights of train accident victims and victims related to the field of train and railroad laws. Train accident injury claims in California are time restricted (some with very short time limits). If you have suffered injuries due to a train-involved incident, seek expert legal advice immediately.

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