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Peripheral Nerve Injuries Following California Personal Injury Accidents

The peripheral nervous system of the human body is a marvelous thing: Various signals and inputs are transmitted from the body’s extremities to the brain so that we are better able to comprehend and interact with our environment. This includes letting our brain know when our hands and/or feet experience painful or unpleasant sensations. Like the central nervous system, though, the peripheral nervous system is delicate and susceptible to injury. When the peripheral nervous system is damaged, the result can be a lifetime of pain.

How is the Peripheral Nervous System Injured?

 Two of the most common causes of peripheral nervous system injuries are motor vehicle crashes and falls. These types of injuries involve a considerable amount of force being applied to the injury victim’s body – easily enough force to cause internal damage to one’s nerves. The severity of injuries to the peripheral nervous system are classified according to levels:

  • First-degree injuries are the most minor of injuries and also have the best prognosis. Individuals with first-degree peripheral nerve injuries will usually make a full recovery within a few weeks.
  • Second-degree injuries are diagnosed where the nerve fibers are damaged but the nerve coverings are intact. While the prognosis is not as positive as for first-degree injuries, individuals with second-degree peripheral nerve injuries may still make a full recovery.
  • Third-degree injuries are those in which both the neural axons and nerve coverings are damaged. Individuals with these types of injuries will have a difficult time recovering from their injuries.
  • Fourth- and fifth-degree peripheral nerve injuries have the worst prognosis of all. This means that these individuals may experience a lifetime of pain, a “pins and needles” sensation in the affected parts, or no feeling at all if the nerve is destroyed. Surgery may be necessary to attempt to repair some of the nerve damage, but even with surgery there is no guarantee that the damage can be repaired.

Compensation Available for Peripheral Nervous System

 If you find yourself with peripheral nerve injury – a “pins and needles” feeling or shooting pain that runs down an arm or leg, for example – after an injury or car wreck caused by another person, you may be entitled to compensation for your economic and noneconomic losses. Monetary damages may be available to help you pay for medical treatment and necessary surgeries as well as compensate you for any temporary or permanent reduction in earnings you experience as a result of peripheral nerve damage and pain and suffering.

The California personal injury attorneys at Heiting & Irwin are ready to assist you in your recovery by partnering with you to hold the individual or entity responsible for your peripheral nerve injuries accountable for the harm he or she caused. We can also help provide you guidance on what steps you should take to maximize your recovery. Call us at (951) 682-6400 or reach out to us online for help.

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