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Personal Injury in Los Angeles, California

los-angeles-at-nightWhen watching your favorite medical shows after a crazy busy Los Angeles day, it is easy to forget that injuries like the ones being portrayed on your big screen can actually happen in daily life. And when they do, the victims experience serious consequences with their finances and their safety.

What stories have you heard about injuries that have happened to your LA neighbors, family, and friends?

Do you know someone who was injured due to the negligence or fault of another? Others seriously injured due to construction accidents, defective products, dangerous conditions of property, transportation accidents? Do you know somebody who slipped and fell? Been a victim of medical malpractice because of the negligence of a nurse or doctor at a hospital in Los Angeles or elsewhere? Did someone you know purchase a product that was recalled and that caused serious injury?

Regardless of the situation that caused the injury or severity of the ailment, this is a time of stress and anxiety. Broken bones, sprained ankle, burn injuries, cuts, abrasions, bruising, sore and disabled body parts. It is much more than an inconvenience to be injured because of someone else’s negligence. This truly is a time of questioning, fear, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

What LA doctor should I see? How much recovery time will I have? How serious is this? Will I need surgery? How long will it take me to get back to work? Will I lose my house and everything I have been working for? Is my injury worth seeing an LA lawyer? If so, what kind of lawyer should I visit?

If you have been injured and someone else was at fault, a call to a personal injury attorney that handles cases in Los Angeles, CA should be the course of action for you. We suggest you call Heiting & Irwin. The attorneys at this Southern California firm will dedicate their time and energy to your CA personal injury claim.

Contact Heiting & Irwin today and begin the process of recovering damages for property, medical bills, lost wages and earning capacity, and compensation for your injuries that you wrongfully received in or near Los Angeles, California.

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