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Some lessons must be learned the hard way. Unfortunately, one such lesson that many plaintiffs commonly face is that the Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage on their automobile insurance policy is not enough to cover the injuries sustained.

I was in court recently and watched a young child being wheeled into the courtroom on a specialized stroller-wheelchair, equipped with oxygen, monitors and medical supplies, and accompanied by his nurse.  The circumstances were heart-breaking to me, as I heard the attorney and judge discussing that the child was injured by a hit and run driver who was never caught.  The only available recovery was the UM policy of the child’s mom – the state minimum of $15,000!  It felt like I was witnessing a travesty of injustice.  Of course, no amount of money will ever make that child “whole” again, but a $100,000.00 settlement would have been a little easier to stomach.

UM/UIM coverage is what you buy to insure yourself.  Often, the cost for the coverage, or to increase the coverage limit, is minimal when spread over the entire policy period.  The benefits can be huge.  Please contact your insurance agent to discuss this today.

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