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Prison Death Could Mean Neglect

Wrongful Death in Prison | Riverside, CA | Heiting & IrwinA prison is a place where convicted criminals go to serve their time, but when neglect happens behind prison walls the same consequences arise: pain an suffering on behalf of the neglected party, even if they are a convicted criminal.

A recent story was released about the death of an inmate in New Philadelphia from an accidental drug overdose. There was heroin found in the man’s bloodstream that was ingested shortly before his death, meaning it was taken while he was in his prison cell.

The fact that a drug such as heroin was somehow smuggled in to a prison cell is a clear sign of neglect or faulty policy on behalf of the county prison. The inmate, who was sentenced to only 3 to 18 months of prison for drug charges, should not have had access to drugs and now his family is suffering.

In a case of wrongful death or injury due to prison neglect, the injured party or the surviving and grieving family members of the lost loved one may have a right to recover financial compensation for the loss.

A situation that would give rise to a valid claim does not happen often, but ignorance and neglect do exist even in places where officials are responsible for the care and custody of others.

If a loved one has been injured, or you are suffering the loss of a loved one due someone’s neglectful acts, it is important that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible.

At Heiting & Irwin, we understand how much grief and stress, injuries or the death of a loved one causes, and we take on the responsibility of making sure all the important facts and information are obtained to make your case for financial compensation for the loss.

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