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Protect Your Rights After a Bus Accident in California

A bus (and many other forms of public transportation) is within a category called “common carriers”. When a person has been injured as a result of a bus accident, the injured victim can be left with costly medical expenses, a sudden loss of income, and be left to deal with excruciating pain and suffering. Filing a claim for the injury will allow the victim and his or her family the opportunity to recover economic redress restitution for the specific losses and for pain and suffering.

Many bus accidents are caused by driver negligence, companies attempting to cut corners, or can even be caused by faulty equipment or the failure to enforce regulations. When negligence has been the primary factor in causing the injury-inflicting incident, the victim has the legal right to pursue against the responsible party. It is imperative for victims and their families to file a claim against responsible parties, not only for the sake of their wellbeing, but also to help in the prevention of similar accidents.

Unfortunately, bus accidents sometimes result in the death of the victim; and, under these circumstances, the family of the victim may have the legal grounds to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent party. Instead of filing a personal injury claim, the family can file a wrongful death claim, which will allow them to seek monetary compensation for the sudden loss of their loved one. The care and comfort lost by the death, and loss of support (financial and conditional) are compensable.

If you or someone you love was injured in a bus accident in California, it is recommended you seek the legal advice of a knowledgeable attorney who has experience in public transportation laws and common carriers. A skilled attorney will guide you through the available legal options and help you file a claim. It should be noted that both personal injury lawsuits, along with wrongful death lawsuits, are time restricted in accordance to California’s statute of limitations. The knowledge and experience of a skilled attorney will help to ensure that your claim is filed under the allowable time.

Identifying the Responsible Party
As previously mentioned, there are multiple parties that could be held responsible for the bus accident. Identifying the liable party can help to clarify what type of lawsuit should be filed. Prompt investigation is imperative. When it comes to bus accidents, the following are some of the most common liable parties:
● The bus driver or operator,
● The driver’s supervisor(s),
● Other motorists,
● The bus’ maintenance company,
● Entity controlling the (defective) roadway where the bus accident occurred,
● The agency overseeing the bus company or roadway conditions where the incident occurred,
● The bus company owner/corporation,
● The property owner of the area of the accident,
● The bus’ manufacturer or designer,
● The bus parts designer or manufacturer
● Other outside conditions/forces.

Seek the Expertise of an Attorney
Depending on the facts of the case, there can be multiple defendants who can share the responsibility for having caused the accident. This can easily result in many state laws and crossing over various agencies, and filing a lawsuit can quickly turn into a complex process. As previously mentioned, lawsuits for personal injury are time restricted
(some can be very short periods in which to file a claim); therefore, it is essential to consult the expertise of a proficient attorney as soon as possible.

The attorneys at Heiting & Irwin are dedicated to helping bus accident victims and their families obtain restitution after a bus accident caused by negligence. The firm has the experience and skill to handle bus accident- related personal injury lawsuits as well as wrongful death lawsuits in California. They are prepared to vigorously champion for the rights of their clients in a court of law.

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