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Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

When considering filing a personal injury claim, it is important for prospective clients to select an appropriate attorney. Doing this typically involves asking various questions to determine the lawyer’s costs, experience, and likely commitment levels, which can help manage client expectations. Discover the questions to ask before you hire a personal injury attorney and see how Heiting & Irwin can assist in your personal injury case by contacting (951) 682-6400.

How Much Do You Charge?

One thing many prospective clients want to know before hiring a personal injury lawyer is how much they charge. The answer to this question helps potential clients identify a lawyer they can afford. Heiting & Irwin, personal injury lawyers, charge on a contingency basis, which means the client only pays them if the lawyer recovers damages for the client from the other party, meaning clients can afford to hire these attorneys to pursue their personal injury claims.

Do You Have Experience in Handling Similar Cases?

Prospective clients wanting to file a personal injury claim typically approach lawyers who specialize in this area, but it is still worth learning about their experience in handling similar cases. Asking this question enables prospective clients to determine whether the lawyer has the necessary skills and experience to effectively handle their case. Additionally, it might be worthwhile asking the lawyer to explain the outcome of cases.  Heiting & Irwin, personal injury lawyers, have been prosecuting personal injury and wrongful death claims for clients for over 45 years!

What Are Your Likely Commitment Levels to This Case?

Some personal injury lawyers may not provide enough attention to each case.  They may not answer questions or answer phone calls. Asking this question can be a good way for individuals to determine how devoted the lawyer can be to their case and helps prospective clients identify a suitable lawyer that can commit themselves fully to winning their claim and to open communication.  Heiting & Irwin, personal injury lawyers, put their clients first.

What Is My Involvement in the Case Likely To Be?

Prospective clients usually don’t ask this question, but, while often overlooked, client involvement, to some degree, is typically necessary. The exact answer to this varies depending on the case; and asking this is a good way for both parties to understand what they can expect from one another.

Learn about some of the other questions to ask before you hire a personal injury attorney and consider contacting Heiting & Irwin for assistance with a potential claim.

When Can I Expect the Case To Conclude?

Many clients want to know how long they can expect to wait until their case finishes. The length of a personal injury case can range from a couple of weeks to several years, with the exact length depending on the case’s complexity and a great variety of circumstances, including recovery time and treatment status. Despite this, an experienced personal injury attorney such as those at Heiting & Irwin can usually provide a rough estimate based on the individual case.

What Are the Chances of the Case Going to Trial?

Many individuals want to avoid their personal injury case going to trial, and it may surprise them to learn that the number of cases requiring trial is usually quite low.  Even though many cases are filed in court, roughly 5% of personal injury claims result in a trial, with the vast majority settled, or disposed of prior to trial. Regardless of this statistic, effective personal injury lawyers prepare their cases to go to trial.

Whether a case goes to trial depends on circumstances too numerous to list.  Be patient and listen to your experienced lawyer, such as those at Heiting & Irwin, for the best advice as to how we can maximize physical, emotional, and monetary recovery.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney To Learn More

Due to the length and complexity of personal injury cases, it is crucial for individuals to select a seasoned personal injury lawyer that can meet their requirements. By asking the questions above, individuals may identify a suitable lawyer for their personal injury case. Learn more about the questions to ask before you hire a personal injury attorney and discover how Heiting & Irwin can help with personal injury and wrongful death claims by calling (951) 682-6400.

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