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Ontario Car Accident Lawyer

Ontario-California-Car-AccidentHeiting & Irwin attorneysSan Bernardino County, California has millions of cars on its roadways. With congested traffic, there are tens of thousands of car accidents on our roads each year. If you’ve been injured in an Ontario car accident, you may be confused and unsure where to turn for help. In addition to the physical injuries, you may be experiencing emotional difficulties as a result of your accident. Severe trauma, such as that caused by a car accident, can create mental scars that are just as prominent and debilitating as any physical injury. Add to that the legal complexity of a California personal injury case, and it’s easy to feel like you’re lost in a maze of Southern California traffic.

45+ Years Serving the Inland Empire and $500 Million+ Recovered. Car accident victims should call Heiting & Irwin at (951) 682-6400 or complete a contact form as soon as possible as there are strict time limits in which to recover for your damages.

The other driver’s liability will depend on whether their negligent conduct caused your injuries. Under California negligence law, a person can be held financially responsible for another person’s injuries if they (i) had a duty to the other person, (ii) breached that duty, and (iii) that breach caused your injuries.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Ontario, California

An experienced accident attorney will keep you informed through the process of your case. Car accident cases typically settle prior to trial. But if a case goes to trial, it’s essential that your attorney have the wherewithal to see your case to completion. Call Heiting & Irwin  for a free consultation to discuss your accident and find out whether you have a right to compensation for your injuries.