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Personal Injury in Ontario, California

Heiting & Irwin attorneysLiving in Ontario, California has many advantages, and some disadvantages, like many big California cities. For instance, Ontario drivers are no strangers to traffic. How could they be? As a major city in Southern California with strong commercial and residential ties to one of the world’s busiest metropolis’ – Los Angeles – driving in traffic congestion comes with the territory. But nobody said that living in Ontario should be a contact sport.

Personal injuries can be an unfortunate downside to living in the populous Golden State.

Personal injury in Ontario can take many forms: physical, mental, and emotional pain; economic loss from the medical bills and related expenses; damage to a vehicle; financial loss from any lost time away from work; and an emotional toll on personal relationships, family, and quality of life.

45+ Years Serving the Inland Empire and $500 Million+ Recovered. Personal Injury victims should call Heiting & Irwin at (951) 682-6400 or complete a contact form as soon as possible as there are strict time limits in which to recover for your damages.

Per California law, an injured person has a limited time (sometimes very short) to file a personal injury lawsuit. As personal injury lawyers, we hear firsthand of situations of an injury that does not seem too bad at first. Later, the “whiplash” becomes a serious neck or back injury requiring treatment such as physical therapy and, sometimes, surgery. Injuries that don’t seem like much can in fact become larger problems down the road.

Although some time limits allow for situations where a person does not realize the extent of their injury(s) until much after the accident (something that at first does not appear to have much consequence, but then becomes serious.) A personal injury claim should get immediate attention from your legal team. You can’t afford to wait or delay.

The law also says that certain events can pause, or “toll”, a statute of limitations. Some of the reasons for tolling include being under 18 (but not in all claims.) When circumstances for tolling ends, such as when the minor plaintiff turns 18 in certain cases, the statute resumes. If you have a potential claim, or if a minor has a potential claim, seek legal help immediately so rights are not lost and legal minefields do not damage an otherwise valid claim.

The statute of limitations, what types of damages are available, and the options for recovery are all case specific. If you have a potential personal injury claim, do not hesitate to contact the experienced and friendly Heiting & Irwin Attorneys at Law.

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