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Riverside County Law Alliance Educates Local Youth about Judicial System

Riverside County Law Alliance | Riverside, CA | Heiting & Irwin Attorneys At LawThe American judicial system is critical to the function and perseverance of our government and way of life, an entity seeking justice, fairness, retribution, and rehabilitation.

Although the judicial system is so important, many students do not understand its role or function. According to a recent article from The Press-Enterprise, California requires only one class in civics—American government in the 12th grade—for a high school diploma.

Even more shocking are statistics released by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, revealing that, in 2010, only 22 percent of eighth-graders could identify the Supreme Court’s role in government.

To help educate local youth on the importance of the judicial system, the Riverside County Law Alliance is taking action. The RCLA is comprised of spouses of attorneys with an aim to educate local students through the generous help of volunteers. For 44 years now, the RCLA has organized field trips, in-class orientations, visits to the Riverside County Bar Association, and meetings with real judges.

Our very own Cindy Heiting, office manager at Heiting & Irwin Attorneys At Law, and wife of former state bar president James Heiting, has played a large role with the RCLA. She is the former president of the organization, and still actively promotes increased participation by citizens interested in this educational process. Cindy has volunteered with the RCLA for the past 28 years.

Most recently, Cindy addressed the Riverside County Bar Association, noting how the RCLA’s long history and goals fall right in line with the current efforts of California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye.

If you would like to volunteer wit h the RCLA for a few hours per month, contact Cindy at (951) 682-6400.

This article’s photo comes courtesy of Flickr contributor, WoodleyWonderWorks

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