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Riverside hospital parking charges could take effect soon

Riverside hospital parkingAs experienced personal injury attorneys, we work with many patients seeking medical care in the Riverside community. With this in mind, we try to forward any pertinent information involving local medical care to the public.

In local news this week, the Southwest Riverside News Network reported that parking outside the Riverside County Regional Medical Center or any other county-operated building could come at a price in the future.

The Board of Supervisors ordered an analysis in June to see if charging for parking would be beneficial to the hospital’s budget. The Economic Development Agency is conducting a study to determine the possible revenue gains from parking fees. The agency also will take into consideration the costs of staffing the lots with attendants versus automating the parking.

There has been some concern voiced about asking indigent patients and their families who visit the Riverside County Regional Medical Center to pay for parking at the Moreno Valley facility, when they’re already probably on a tight budget.

The answer for this issue could be vouchers issued by the hospital to patients to cover the parking cost.

Currently, there are many lots where the county does not charge anything for their use. The board voted unanimously for the Economic Development Agency to conduct a study on the advantages of self-service kiosks in parking lots as well as how to best approach charging patients and visitors for use of the hospital’s lot. The assessment is predicted to be finished within 90 days, hopefully at the end of August or early September.

Nobody likes extra charges, especially when medical issues are involved. As the communities of Riverside County continue to grow, however, the county will continue to search for ways to offset the cost of providing services.

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