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Riverside police promote Neighborhood Watch

Riverside, California Neighborhood WatchIn the Riverside, California, community, we are proud that neighbors look after neighbors. To take that connection and help a step further, we did some research into expanding the safety in our neighborhoods and business districts.

The Riverside Police Department recommends that people in the community organize a Neighborhood Watch. Every day, we encounter situations that call for us to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Neighborhood Watch allows citizens to help in the fight against crime and is an opportunity for communities to bond through service.

The Riverside Police Department Neighborhood Watch Program asks that average citizens lend a hand to their neighbors and increase the safety of all.

The program doesn’t stop at the home, though, as a Business Watch is also promoted. This takes the “neighbors looking out for neighbors” idea to the commercial level. The philosophy of this program is straightforward—take control of what happens in your business community, while at the same time lessening your chances of becoming a victim.

Business Watches reduce and prevent crime, promote communication and understanding between Riverside law enforcement and businesses, encourage and enhance cooperation among merchants, and teach businesses to crime-proof their own properties, watch over neighboring businesses, and document and report suspicious activity.

Business Watches are also recommended to develop a telephone tree and email distribution list to quickly disseminate information about an area crime and develop signals to activate in adjacent businesses when someone needs help.

Neighborhood Watches and Business Watches are crime prevention tools. Police can’t be everywhere at every minute, so your help is sometimes necessary to prevent and reduce crime in Riverside.

If you would like to join or start a Neighborhood or Business Watch, contact the Police Service Representative in your area.

From everyone at Heiting & Irwin, we hope you will stay safe and take advantage of this useful community-building tool.

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