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Swimming Pool-Related Lawsuits

When Californians do not have quick and easy access to the beach, the next best way to cool off on a hot summer’s day is to take a plunge in your own pool or the pool of a neighbor or friend. For many, great summer memories are created around the pool; for a few, however, a swimming pool becomes the place of terrible tragedy. A fatal drowning can occur in mere minutes, and even the deprivation of oxygen for a few seconds can lead to irreparable brain damage.

The Many Responsibilities of Pool Owners

 When one considers the duties and obligations of pool ownership, one generally thinks of the maintenance that must be routinely performed: adding chlorine or other chemicals to kill bacteria and ensuring that foreign debris is removed from the pool water. As it turns out, however, pool owners have many more responsibilities that include:

  • Ensuring that pool pumps and other machinery are operating as expected and that covers and protective grates are in place;
  • Making sure that any diving boards and/or ladders are safe and securely installed and have non-slip surfaces to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls (and the pool is deep enough for it);
  • Erecting a fence or other barrier to keep unauthorized individuals (especially children) from using the pool without supervision or permission;
  • Taking measures to warn guests and others if the pool is not safe to use for one reason or another.
  • And more…

In short, a pool owner has an obligation to ensure that his or her pool is in a reasonably safe condition before allowing others to use it; and if the pool is not safe, the owner has a responsibility to take measures to alert house guests or neighbors who might use the pool of the potentially dangerous condition(s). Moreover, a pool owner may have a legal obligation to take steps aimed at preventing children (who may not read or heed posted warnings) from accessing the pool without permission and supervision.

What Should I Do After a Pool-Related Injury Occurs?

 If you or your loved ones are injured while swimming in another’s pool, be certain to obtain emergency medical treatment if there is unconsciousness for any period or if you are unsure of the extent of injuries (this helps protect you and/or your loved one from the effects of an untreated brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation). Speak with a lawyer as soon as possible: You will need experienced legal counsel to evaluate the specific facts of your case to determine whether you may be entitled to compensation.

Heiting & Irwin is your Riverside premises liability law firm. We possess the requisite knowledge and resources to help you take action following a pool-related injury and help you obtain compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other losses or expenses you experienced as a result of your incident. Contact Heiting & Irwin by calling (951) 682-6440, or contact the firm using its online contact form.

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