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The Mystery of Loss of Consortium Damages

By James Heiting |

The majority of cases that are seen by attorneys representing plaintiffs involve injuries to a single party, usually, as a result of a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, or medical neglect at the hands of a health care provider.  Without doubt, should the injured party prove their claim for injuries under those circumstances,… Read More »

Doctor Who Holds Himself Out as Employee of Cedars-Sinai Not an Employee

By Richard Irwin |

The recently decided Markow v. Rosner (2016) 2016 Cal. App. Lexis 827, involved Mr. Markow receiving pain management treatment from Dr. Rosner.  The treatment concluded with Rosner providing an injection to Mr. Markow’s neck, near the base of his skull, which ultimately resulted in Mr. Markow becoming a paraplegic. Markow and his wife sued… Read More »

Comedian Tracy Morgan Sues Walmart after Car Accident

By Sara Morgan |

The popular comedian and actor, Tracy Morgan, best known for his starring role in NBC’s “30Rock” decided to sue the Wal-Mart driver involved in the car accident that badly injured him and others this year. The allegations of Mr. Morgan’s injury include a head-on collision with a Wal-Mart company semi-truck that crossed the median… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

With each passing year it seems as if, despite the constraints of the California Workers’ Compensation system, we are able to settle many cases in the high six-figure, and at times, seven-figure range. This is in large part due to the nature of the injuries sustained by the injured worker (which are often considered… Read More »

Court Finds Strongly in City’s Favor in San Diego Slip & Fall Case

By Sara Morgan |

We’ve walked by them hundreds of times, maybe even noticed them before – the bases of street signs. Usually they consist of a larger piece of pipe embedded into the sidewalk into which the signpost slides. (See photo) Take a look the next time you see a sign. For Mr. Heskel, he’ll probably be… Read More »

What is the Difference between Murder and Wrongful Death?

By Sara Morgan |

As an experienced Riverside, California, wrongful death lawyer, clients and friends often ask me a seemingly difficult question: what is the difference between murder and wrongful death? First, I should say that both murder and the loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another is very hard on survivors and family…. Read More »

What’s With All the Auto Recalls?

By Sara Morgan |

Car recalls have been on the rise, or so it seems. Getting wind of the General Motors scandal and investigation after a recall of 6.3 million vehicles has caused companies like Toyota and Ford to make recalls for even more millions of vehicles. But why?


By Dennis Stout |

When an examining physician finds an injured worker to have received reasonable treatment to help cure an injury, and determines that no further treatment will help improve the condition, the employee is considered stable, as the condition has reached a medical plateau. The employee will then be deemed Permanent & Stationary, or considered to… Read More »


By Richard Irwin |

For years, many individuals in our workforce worked around or in buildings where asbestos or asbestos products were present. This exposure was often associated with the construction industry – such that builders, electricians, plumbers, pipe-fitters, insulation installers were often exposed to asbestos. And, this is just the short list. In certain tragic cases, this… Read More »


By Sara Morgan |

The serious, dire warnings of the television commercials soliciting callers for “transvaginal mesh” litigation are unavoidable. But what is “transvaginal mesh” and what is the litigation about? The phrase “transvaginal mesh”, as it is commonly used, refers specifically to the mesh implant used in surgical procedures, performed through the vagina and commonly used to… Read More »

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