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Many of us have heard by now about the horrific crash that Tiger Woods was involved in this week.  The photos of the damage to his vehicle, twisted and mangled, certainly underscore the common reaction that he is “lucky to be alive”.  Hopefully, that phrase will become his mantra and keep his spirit strong during what experts are forecasting will be a long and arduous recovery process.

An expert interviewed by Golf Magazine described what is publicly known about the injuries that Mr. Woods sustained and the treatment he has received and would likely receive in the future.  See here.  He explains that the “comminuted open fractures” to Mr. Woods’ right tibia and fibula (lower leg bones) involve multiple fractures to those bones, with some of those bones protruding through the skin.  As was the case with Washington quarterback Alex Smith, the nature of the “open” fracture, or bone protrusion, creates extra risks of infection, and the NFL player eventually developed sepsis. See here.  The ordeal was described as Smith’s “fight for his life”.  Hopefully, Woods will fare better.

The expert further elaborates on the nature of the treatment, anticipating that it may require multiple surgeries to implant and remove hardware such as plates, screws, and rods in order to get the bones to heal properly.  Unfortunately, Mr. Woods’ may still suffer from other injuries to the nerves, muscles, and veins and arteries that impact blood flow, feeling, control, and strength.

This type of protracted treatment and recovery process can be especially challenging from a psychological and emotional standpoint.  Many of our car crash clients that suffer similar injuries struggle to keep their spirits up and maintain a positive outlook when they are enduring such excruciating pain.  See our article regarding catastrophic injuries here.  Equally difficult can be the adjustment to a dependent sort of lifestyle where they must now rely on others to assist with even the most menial activities of daily living: suddenly, bathing or even getting a bowl of cereal are things that the injured person simply cannot do by themselves in their injured state.  For such an accomplished athlete like Woods, I would expect a large degree of frustration and impatience with the slow pace of recovery and lack of results.

Luckily for him, Woods most likely has access to the best and most advanced medical care available in this day and age, and presumably has the financial means to obtain the assistance that he will need to not only survive this incident, but thrive while doing so.  Many car crash victims do not.  This is why is becomes so important for those who are seriously injured due to the carelessness of others to find qualified, talented attorneys to determine whether proper compensation can be obtained.  Our firm offers free, confidential consultations, and most cases we take do not require any up-front money.  Give us a call and let us explain what we can do for you.

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