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Sending our best wishes to Kevin Hart and his family, as news breaks that he has suffered serious injuries in a car crash that took place this past Sunday, requiring him to undergo emergency back surgery as a result.  (See  While it is being reported that he is doing fine and expected to make a full and complete recovery, trauma-induced back surgery can involve a hard and very painful road to recovery.

This is not the kind of “hard” that is involved in weight-lifting or other forms of exercise, where one only struggles with themselves to push harder.  The recovery from back surgery, including physical therapy, can be quite debilitating, and our clients have expressed fears that something might go wrong or that they might cause harm when they feel pain while doing therapy.

Many of our firms’ clients are left with lifelong pain after sustaining these types of injuries.  It can be very difficult to return to work in that condition.  I imagine doing a stand-up routine, where the comedian would be on his feet and gesturing and otherwise behave in his typical animated, energetic style, could present a challenge.  How funny can you be when your pain level is at a 10 out of 10?

Long term or chronic pain can have a permanent impact on people, effecting how they act, behave, and otherwise respond to the stimuli of life.  Chronic pain sufferers respond differently to things that are funny or sad than they may have before suffering from pain for two, five, or even ten years.  The medications and other pain management modalities also have an impact on their mood and demeanor.

When basic things like vacuuming the rug or wiping after toilet use are a physical struggle, chronic pain sufferers may struggle to find the energy and freedom to laugh at a Kevin Hart movie or stand up routine.  Imagine having to be the one who does the stand-up.  Best wishes to Mr. Hart for a rapid, full and complete recovery!

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