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Who Will I Be Working With In Your Firm?

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Hi. I’m Jim Heiting. I’m the senior partner here at Heiting & Irwin, and former State Bar President. There are six critical questions to ask before hiring a personal injury attorney. I’m going to tell you about the sixth. The other five are available on our website.

The final question to ask is, who will I be interacting with here at the firm? This question could be the most important one you ask. Many law firms will shove you off to work with a clerk, and you may only get one chance, one meeting‑‑if that‑‑from the actual attorney.

You want to find a firm whose attorneys set aside time to get to know you, and to work with your personally. The location of the firm is often a key to this accessibility, and individualized attention. Often, clients choose distant firms based on TV commercials or other advertisements.

However, distant firms, many times result in reduced access to your attorney. You may have to drive for hours to attend meetings. Preparation to the case is made more difficult and more costly. Yes, our firm will have clerks and assistants working on your case, but you still want to have, and will have, face to face access to your attorney.

We always want get to know our clients as people, as real human beings. It’s important to you and to us. The attorneys, clerical and support staff at Heiting & Irwin have been handling personal injury cases, and personal injury matters, since 1976.

We have our own in house investigator. We’re in the courts just about every day. Many of our attorneys and staff have been with us well over 20 years. We know the courts, the judges, the juries. We have been handling just your type of cases for over 36 years.

You’re always welcomed to stop by and take a tour of our beautiful offices and grounds here at Heiting & Irwin. We are at an over 1.8 acres, and we have a beautiful mansion that we use as our home. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed due to the fault of another, please, take the time and do it now. Call Heiting & Irwin at 951‑682‑6400.