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We Need More Judges


The California Judicial Council, the body that oversees the courts in our state, reported in October, 2016, that San Bernardino County was 48 judges short of their studied need. Riverside County was just behind at about 47. That means that, between the two counties, we are approximately 95 judges short of what we should have, according to the need identified by the Judicial Council.

We give thanks to our State Senator, Richard Roth, for his tireless efforts to move the budget and the governor to allocate more judicial positions to Riverside and San Bernardino County. He has, over and over, had legislation passed and presented to the Governor for signature that would fund additional positions to fill some of the need for additional judgeships in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Unfortunately, our Governor has not seen fit to sign under the legislation proposed and has vetoed any and all efforts to fund these positions.

This is an ongoing struggle.

If access to justice and the ability to bring justice to our citizens is to be realized, we need to increase the number of judges available to process cases and deliver decisions that make our society work.

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