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Who Pays for My Medical Bills if I am Hurt on the Job?

 You got injured on the job, and you want to make sure that you’re going to have insurance coverage pay for your injuries. You don’t have to worry about covering these costs in addition to your normal medical expenses. You can rest assured your bills will be covered.

 If you got sick or injured while on the job and need representation, we’re here for you. Riverside, California personal injury lawyers Heiting & Irwin have over four decades of experience assisting clients with personal injury. We have retrieved more than $500 million for our clients, and we’ll work hard to get you the settlement that’s rightfully yours.

Who Pays for My Medical Coverage on Workers’ Comp?

 While you’re on workers’ comp, your employer will pay for your treatment related to your injury or sickness. This is why employers have workers’ compensation insurance. It will cover your medical care, your lost wages, as well as your disability benefits. Health insurance may be separate.  Talk to your attorneys about this.

Keep in mind that if you’re being treated for other issues or you have healthcare that covers your dependents, your employer will probably not pay for these costs. Employers are required to pay costs directly related to your sickness or injury and everything that results from it.

You could also receive temporary and permanent disability benefits from workers’ comp. If you have a permanent loss of physical or mental function, and you are not expected to recover completely from your sickness or injuries, then you may be entitled to an award of permanent disability. If you cannot work at first, during that time (capped in some instances), you’d receive temporary disability benefits.

What to Do If You Get Injured at Work

 If you get injured or feel sick at work, you should first tell your employer what happened. You may have developed a sickness or injury over time or gotten hurt on the spot. No matter what, be in contact with your employer right away. You need to tell your employer in writing and get a copy of the report for your records. If you do not, then you may not be able to receive any workers’ compensation benefits.

You should also go to the doctor right away after your sickness or injury occurs. Don’t delay treatment or neglect your healthcare. If you don’t visit the doctor and go to follow-up treatment – as well as follow their plan for your recovery – it could hurt your chances of receiving benefits.

Can I Go to My Regular Doctor for Treatment?

 If you want to go to your regular doctor for treatment, you need to predesignate them before you get injured, or your lawyer can help you with this. Let your employer know, in writing, that you wish to go to your doctor just in case you get sick or injured on the job. Include your doctor’s name, address, and contact information, your name, your signature, and the date you wrote your letter.

Will Workers’ Comp Cover Me If I’m an Independent Contractor?

 Unfortunately, workers’ comp is only available to employees. This means you receive a W-2, not a W-9. So if you work as a freelancer, you may need to use your own health insurance if you get injured.  However, there are many exceptions, and a (free) consultation with our workers’ compensation staff will clarify the issues.  If you got into an accident due to the fault of another, you can always hire Heiting & Irwin, personal injury lawyers, to help you with your case.

The Difference Between Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury

 You may be wondering: what’s the difference between workers’ comp and personal injury?

If you got sick or injured as a result of your job, typically, you will file for workers’ comp. But if there was a third party involved in your injury – even if it occurred at work – then you could potentially also receive a personal injury settlement.

For instance, let’s say that a UPS worker came to your building, threw a package, and it hit you in the head and injured you. You were on the job, technically, but your employer was not at fault. You could hire a personal injury lawyer to pursue a settlement from UPS’ insurance provider.

Or, maybe you were running errands for your employer in their company car, and another driver hit you and hurt you. You could bring about legal action for your injuries from the other driver’s insurance provider.

Other parties could be responsible, too. Maybe a truck driver hit you while you were on the job, but it wasn’t their fault, technically. They went to a mechanic that didn’t properly fix their brakes. Or maybe the break manufacturer installed faulty brakes.

It’s always worth it to reach out to a personal injury lawyer so you can figure out exactly who is liable for your injuries.  Heiting & Irwin handles personal injury claims and workers’ compensation.

Why Do You Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

 You could need a workers’ comp lawyer for a few different reasons. You need medical attention and/or treatment; perhaps you didn’t receive the benefits you are entitled to receive; your employer didn’t cover all of your bills.  You may not know the best “next move” or how to achieve the best possible outcome.  Reach out to a lawyer to advocate for you to get you the benefits and coverage you deserve.

It’s a good idea to consult with a lawyer no matter what. You want to make sure that you’re getting the best coverage and care possible at this time. Plus, a personal injury and/or workers’ comp lawyer will offer you a free consultation, and they will only charge you if they can get you some money. There is nothing to lose.

 Get in Touch With Heiting & Irwin for Help

If you were injured at work and need to initiate a workers’ comp or personal injury case, then Heiting & Irwin are here for you. We have dealt with many personal injury cases and will work hard to get you the settlement that you deserve. Contact us online or call us at 951-682-6400 to start your case now.

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